Interested in pursuing a dual degree? This page is intended to provide an overview of tuition rates and fees for the eight different dual degree programs that Colorado Law offers at the following campuses or institutions:

University of Colorado-Boulder (CU-Boulder) University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) CU School of Medicine
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration (JD/MBA)
  • Juris Doctor/Master in Environmental Studies (JD/ENVS)
  • Juris Doctor/Doctorate in Environmental Studies (JD/PhD)
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Science, Telecommunications (JD/MST)
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration (JD/MPA)
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Urban and Regional Planning (JD/MURP)
  • Juris Doctor/Doctor of Medicine (JD/MD)

Overview of Tuition Rates and Fees

Students that are enrolled in dual degree programs at the University of Colorado-Boulder campus must pay Law School tuition for all credits. (Source: Students that are doing a dual degree with any other campus or institution, such as University of Colorado Denver, CU School of Medicine, or the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, must pay two sets of tuition: 1) tuition to Colorado Law for credits taken at the law school; and 2) tuition to the other campus or institution for credits taken there.

Typically, students that are enrolled in dual degree programs need to pay the mandatory fees for both programs. The course and program fees will vary depending on the specific course of study. (Source: 

See below for details on a specific program’s tuition. Please note that you must be actively enrolled in the dual degree program (i.e., accepted by both schools) for the information below to apply. If you have questions, contact one of Colorado Law’s financial aid counselors.