Denise DeForest
Director for Academic Support

Denise DeForest photo

Office: # 446
Office Phone: (303) 735-7467

Fall 2016 availability hours 1PM - 4 PM; M – F, or contact for an appointment outside of those times

Amy Griffin
Associate Dean for Instructional Development

Amy Griffin photo

Office # 432
(303) 735-0525

The academic support program is designed to provide students with expertise in building the skills necessary for a successful law student and a young lawyer, particularly as it relates to legal analysis and learning. The program organizes skill workshops for ILs students, and provides one-on-one assistance for any law student who want additional training in skill areas. The program also works with 3L students as they prepare for the bar by offering courses designed to enhance the type of problem solving necessary for the bar, and offering workshops during the bar preparation period on various substantive areas of law.

Academic Support contributions to the Fall 2017 1L Lunch Series: Demystifing Law School  

  • September 8
    Getting It Done:  Building the Skills to Handle The Case Onslaught
  • September 15
  • October 6
    Slicing and Dicing Those Cases – What Are You Seeing?
  • November 3
    Decoding the Law School Exam Using Issue Spotting
  • November 17
    Walk Into Your Exams With Great Exam Strategies
  • December 1
    Practice Makes Perfect

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