Colorado Law’s faculty and staff are committed to helping you succeed. We are readily accessible to answer questions, discuss career plans, and offer advice about classes. Below is a list of topics and links to relevant pages on our website, as well as the contact information for faculty and staff members who are most knowledgeable about those topics. 

Please feel free to contact these people directly if you have questions or would like to meet in person. Before doing so, however, we encourage you to review the information on the website as that might save you time.

Academic Affairs

Visit our website to learn more about academic credit or law school rules.

For questions about registering for classes, class schedules, final exams, and transcripts, contact the Registrar's Office at


For questions about scholarships or admissions, contact the Admissions Office at or (303) 492-7203.

Certificate Programs

For questions about certificates, contact the faculty advisor(s) for your specific program:


Diversity & Inclusiveness

View information about programs here, and contact Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence Fernando Guzman with any questions. Assistant Dean Guzman always is happy to talk with members of our community about issues related to diversity and inclusion.

Dual Degrees

For questions about dual degrees, contact the faculty advisor for your specific program:


For questions about externships, contact Emily Horowitz, director of Experiential Learning and Public Service Programs.

Financial Aid

For questions about paying tuition and fees, grants, work study, and financial aid in general, contact Colorado Law's financial aid counselors at or (303) 492-0647.

Law School Rules

The Law School Rules providing governing principles for a range of matters including the curriculum, student admissions, and graduation requirements. Download the most recent version of the Law School Rules.  

Planning Student Events

Visit our website for information on how to host a student event, such as reserving a room, planning for alcohol and food, applying for funding, and publicizing the event.

To reserve a room for an event, visit the Colorado Law Front Desk (in the Dean's Suite on the 3rd floor) or email After you reserve your room, please submit your event here to include it on the events calendar and in the weekly and daily events emails:

Public Service

For questions about the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) or summer fellowships, contact Alexia McCaskill, senior director for professional development.

For questions about the Public Service Pledge, contact Emily Horowitz, director of the Experiential Learning and Public Service Programs.

Student Affairs

For questions about the student experience, graduating in 2.5 years, working during law school, or student travel, contact

Student Conduct

For questions or concerns regarding student conduct or to read policies and procedures regarding student conduct, visit CU's Office of Student Conduct.

Student Employment

You can view general information about working during law school here. Click here to request a waiver of the 1L work policy so that you can work during 1L year. For questions about the work policy or juggling responsibilities while you are in school, contact For assistance finding employment, contact the Career Development Office.

If you were hired as a student employee (e.g., research assistant) and have questions about payroll or timesheets after reviewing the information on our website, contact Victoria Johnson, finance and accounting coordinator.

Student Groups

For contact information for a student group, visit our Student Organizations page.

Tax Emphasis Program

For questions about the Tax Emphasis Program, contact Professor Sloan Speck.