Student Organizations

To supplement their studies and to engage with the community, our students lead and belong to a number of diverse student organizations. 

Membership in one or more student organizations enables students to pursue their interests outside of the classroom, increase their knowledge of specific areas of law, gain valuable leadership experience, and collaborate with fellow students, faculty, alumni, and legal professionals.

Please feel free to contact the specific student organizations that you would like to learn more about. If you have general questions about student organizations, please contact Stephen Carbonneau, SBA Secretary, or Whiting Dimock Leary, Senior Assistant Dean of Students.

Active Student Organizations

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization whose mission is "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States." Its various functions include litigation, lobbying, and community empowerment. Founded in 1920, the ACLU has a rich legacy and over 500,000 members; it also has an annual budget of over $100 million. Local affiliates of the ACLU are active in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Each ACLU chapter provides legal assistance in cases when it considers civil liberties to be at risk.

The ACLU CU Law Chapter is a body of civil-rights advocates composed of students at the University of Colorado Law School. An extension of its state affiliate, the primary function for this Chapter is to provide support for the various the initiatives of the ACLU of Colorado, including but not limited to: having a member of the law school serve on the board of the Colorado ACLU, attending various legislative hearings and sessions on the ACLU’s behalf, participating in field work in Boulder and surrounding areas, driving various ACLU initiatives forward as a chapter, and using free student access to legal search engines and data bases to assist the ACLU in research.

Throughout the year, the ACLU will also seek to bring guest speakers directly to the law school to highlight and discuss prevalent issues facing individual freedom. For more information, join the ACLU TWEN page.


Other resources:

  • Click here to visit our national affiliate website
  • Click here to find us on TWEN
  • Click here to join us on Facebook

American Constitution Society (ACS)

The American Constitution Society (ACS) believes that law should be a force to improve the lives of all people. ACS works for positive change by shaping debate on vitally important legal and constitutional issues through development and promotion of high-impact ideas to opinion leaders and the media; by building networks of lawyers, law students, judges and policymakers dedicated to those ideas; and by countering the activist conservative legal movement that has sought to erode our enduring constitutional values. By bringing together powerful, relevant ideas and passionate, talented people, ACS makes a difference in the constitutional, legal and public policy debates that shape our democracy. The CU Chapter provides a platform for intellectual debate, fun events, and peer support. For more information, please email Rainer Scarton ( or Kaitlin Clark ( Also, sign up to our TWEN page to stay up to date on our events. 

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

The Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) seeks to:

  • Educate, represent and advocate the interests of Asian Pacific American and South Asian American law students at CU;
  • Educate and promote a deeper understanding of the political, financial, social and historical role, contributions, and status of Asian Pacific Americans in America; encourage participation, leadership and community service amongst Asian Pacific Americans;
  • Provide an opportunity for fellowship among its members and broaden career development opportunities for Asian Pacific law students at CU;
  • Encourage cooperation with the DU chapter of APALSA as well as other organizations of minority law students; and
  • Inspire students, law students and legal professionals to serve the interests and aspirations of Asian Pacific Americans and other under-represented peoples.

Past Activities:

  • Organize and attend social and professional networking events with Denver Asian/Pacific attorneys
  • Attend the annual National Asian Pacific American Bar Association/National Asian Pacific American Law Students Association Conference
  • Participate in the APABA attorney mentorship program
  • Organize various community outreach and education events including most recently, a screening of the immigration documentary 9500 Liberty and a discussion with the filmmaker


Other resources:

  • Click here to visit our national affiliate website
  • Click here to find us on TWEN

Barristers' Council

Barristers’ Counsel provides students the opportunity to develop advocacy and counseling skills, and then apply those skills in moot court, mock trial, and transactional competitions.

Each year, Barristers’ Counsel gives students an opportunity to sharpen, polish, and apply their advocacy and counseling skills through individual coaching, intraschool competitions, and external competitions. Third-year students and experienced attorneys serve as judges for the competitions and provide valuable feedback to all competitors.

Students who demonstrate excellent performance in intraschool competitions have the opportunity to represent Colorado Law at competitions against other top law schools around the country. Students with exceptional dedication and promise have the chance to serve in leadership roles during their third-year.

For more information, contact: Will Hauptman (, Executive Chair, Moot Court Division; Sean Keefe (, Executive Chair, Transactional Division; Rob Davis (, Executive Chair, Mock Trial Division.


Past Activities:

Intrascholastic Competitions

  • Colorado Appellate Advocacy Competition
  • Rothgerber Moot Court Competition
  • Carrigan Cup Trial Advocacy Competition
  • Reilly Pozner Trial Challenge
  • Colorado Cup Trial Advocacy Competition
  • Hogan & Hartson Cup Trial Advocacy Competition (with the University of Denver Sturm College of Law)
  • University of Colorado Transactional Law Meet

National Competitions

  • National Appellate Advocacy Competition (sponsored by the New York Bar Association)
  • National Trial Competition (sponsored by the American College of Trial Lawyers)
  • National Student Trial Advocacy Competition (sponsored by the American Association of Justice)
  • Costello National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition

Special Interest Competitions

  • Price Media Law Moot Court Competition
  • Pace National Environmental Moot Court Competition
  • Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition
  • National Hispanic Moot Court Competition
  • Native American Law Student Association Moot Court Competition
  • Telecommunications Law Moot Court Competition
  • Saul Lefkowitz Trademark Moot Court Competition
  • National Moot Court in Child and Adoption Law
  • Gibbons National Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition
  • First Amendment and Media Law – Diversity Competition
  • American Intellectual Property Law Competition
  • Stetson Law Int’l Environmental Moot Court Competition
  • Int’l Institute of Space Law Lachs Moot Court Competition
  • NAPABA Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition

Other resources:

  • Click here to visit the American College of Trial Lawyers
  • Click here to visit the American Assoication of Justice
  • Click here to find us on TWEN

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) at Colorado Law is much more than a club: it’s a community. Our purpose is to enable students of African decent to acclimate to the law school environment through the exchange of various cultural experiences and perspectives. Our goal is to engender a supportive, diverse environment while providing opportunities for networking and professional advancement. We provide both professional and academic support to the community. BLSA is open to all CU Law Students, regardless of race or ethnicity, and all students are encouraged to attend and participate in our meetings and programs. Students may contact us through e-mail at and/or join our TWEN page.

 Past Activities:

  • Holiday Jazz Concert (featuring an 18-piece jazz band performing Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite)
  • International Book Drive (raised over 300 books towards the creation of a library at the Harare Institute of Technology)
  • 40thAnnual Sam Cary Scholarship Gala (three BLSA students received Sam Cary Scholarships)
  • Voter Registration FAC (co-sponsored by LLSA, OUTLaw, and APALSA)
  • Welcome Back Barbecue
  • Welcome Back Retreat at Lucky Strike


Other resources:

  • Click here to visit our website
  • Click here to visit our national affiliate website
  • Click here to find us on TWEN
  • Click here to join us on Facebook

Business Law Association (BLA)

The Business Law Association (BLA) is an organization geared towards students interested in all aspects of business law. While we have traditionally focused more on the transactional side of business law, we are ever expanding in our offerings, and hope to include more this year on the litigation side of business law. Our events focus on networking, building familiarity with various aspects of business law, as well as offering guidance and advice for law school curriculum selection. 

Past Activities:

  • Provided speakers from firms of all size that handle business-related issues;
  • Worked closely with Silicon Flatirons to create networking opportunities for students; and
  • Acted as a liaison between the Law School and the Business School.


Christian Legal Society

The Christian Legal Society is a group of Christian law students who meet to provide mutual support and Christian edification during our time in law school. We host speakers, discuss the unique challenges and temptations that law school presents, and strive to build community with one another and the rest of the legal community outside of official meetings. Interested students can email Colin Mayberry at for more information.

Officer Board:

Class of 2016 Board

The Class of 2016 Board is comprised of class officers who are dedicated to furthering the interests of their fellow classmates.


Class of 2017 Board

The Class of 2017 Board is comprised of class officers who are dedicated to furthering the interests of their fellow classmates.


Class of 2018 Board

The Class of 2018 Board is comprised of class officers who are dedicated to furthering the interests of their fellow classmates.


Colorado Innocence Project (CIP)

The Colorado Innocence Project is a student group dedicated to finding and investigating substantive innocence claims made by inmates in prison. We offer students the opportunity to work under a clinical professor while investigating an assigned case and reviewing innocence claims (all while helping you get your service pledge hours). To join the Colorado Innocence Project or for more information, please email Kate Mattern at

Colorado Law Student Parents Group

Colorado Law has a list of resources for student parents and also a Facebook page for those who want to be connected with other student parents.  We encourage you to join the group!  In addition, this fall we will have a luncheon where student parents can meet other parents, and learn tips from alumni for juggling parenting and law school. If you'd like to receive notifications about student parent events, email either Erin Pierce ( or Karen Trojanowski ( from the Career Development Office.

Colorado Natural Resources, Energy, & Environmental Law Review

The Colorado Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Review provides a forum for natural resources, energy, and environmental law and policy on local, regional, and global scales. Formerly the Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law & Policy, the Colorado Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Review publishes articles biannually on a wide range of topics, including global climate change, transboundary water pollution, protection of biological diversity, oil and gas development, and international environmental conventions. Members are selected by the student Board of Editors through cite-on and write-on competitions, which are held each spring semester. Please email us at with any questions.

Colorado Technology Law Journal

The Colorado Technology Law Journal (CTLJ) is a student-operated and edited telecommunications and technology law and policy journal at the University of Colorado Law. Founded in 2001 by a group of enterprising law students and then–Professor Phil Weiser, CTLJ was previously known as the “Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law.” CTLJ has established a position among the elite national technology and telecommunications law journals, having published seminal moments such as Professor Tim Wu’s first paper articulating and defining Net Neutrality in 2003, and former FCC Chairman Michael Powell's articulation of the four Internet Freedoms. 

CTLJ is closely affiliated with Colorado Law’s Silicon Flatirons Center, which it assists in hosting a series of conferences each year, including the nationally renowned Digital Broadband Migration symposium. We publish academic articles from those conferences, and articles from other scholars and policymakers submitted to our editorial board for consideration. Student notes written and published by journal members have dealt with everything from wireless spectrum issues, to copyright and patent reformation, to virtual currency regulation and beyond.

CTLJ selects new members in the spring through a CTLJ-specific exercise and application, and in the summer through the all-journal application process. We look forward to meeting you at orientation! If you miss us, or want to learn more, please visit or reach out to Ariel Diamond, Editor in Chief (

Committee for Inclusiveness and Diversity

The Committee for Inclusiveness and Diversity is a student-lead organization with which several deans and faculty members actively engage in an advisory role. Four principles, known as pillars, guide the Committee's work:

  • Support: Providing diverse students with the resources necessary to succeed both academically and socially
  • Recruitment and Retention: Increasing the recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty, and staff
  • Education: Providing students, faculty, and staff with information and training on diversity-related issues
  • Climate Change: Promoting sensitivity and inclusiveness in the law school culture

Board Members:

If you would like more information on the Committee for Inclusiveness and Diversity, please contact Chair Jason Gallardo at

Construction and Real Estate Law Association (CRELA)

The Construction and Real Estate Law Association (CRELA) is a student organization concerned with giving students the opportunity to learn more about the field of construction and real estate law. CRELA aims to accomplish its goal of educating students by inviting top lawyers in the field to speak on campus, and organizing networking events where students can connect with professionals on a more personal level. In addition, CRELA is dedicated to improving Colorado's communities through community revitalization projects, which helps students connect with the local community. Please contact Tyler Gurnee ( if you have questions or if you would like to join CRELA. 

Criminal Prosecution Society (CPS)

Colorado Law’s Criminal Prosecution Society (CPS) focuses on informing law students who have an interest in criminal prosecution, and supporting those who choose to pursue those careers. CPS provides a forum for students to learn about careers in criminal prosecution from legal professionals, members of law enforcement, as well as fellow students. CPS also promotes a venue to discuss legal issues related to criminal law in a respectful, thought-provoking environment. CPS is committed to recruiting interesting and knowledgeable speakers to attend our events, including elected district attorneys, members of law enforcement, and other peace officers from around the state. Interested students can join our TWEN page or contact CPS President Vincent Forcinito at

Doman Society of International Law

The Doman Society of International Law seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the practice of international law and its contemporary issues, and provide information and resources regarding careers in the field. We host several speakers throughout the year, hold an international beer festival, and send students to international law conferences in DC and New York. For more information please visit our TWEN page or feel free to contact Michael Zaccaro at

Environmental Law Society (ELS)

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is an organization of law students interested in the field of environmental law and policy.  The purpose of ELS is to:

  • Foster connections between students and the greater environmental law & policy community and provide relevant networking opportunities.
  • Foster interaction between students, professors, and staff with related interests.
  • Enhance the formal legal education by exposing students to learning opportunities beyond the classroom.
  • Encourage student engagement of environmental issues and law through scholarship, activism, and volunteerism.

Past Activities:

  • Hosted a career panel with lawyers from the EPA, the BLM, the Department of the Interior, EarthJustice, the Wilderness Society, and Berg Hill Greenleaf & Ruscitti, LLP, and a local oil and gas firm.
  • Organized a 3 speaker discussion regarding development and use of the Colorado River, featuring speakers from the Environmental Defense Fund and the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
  • Co-sponsored a THAC with the National Lawyer's Guild student group
  • Sent members to the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference in Eugene, OR to network with and learn from 3000 other students, activists, professors, attorneys, and scientists interested in environmental law and advocacy


Other resources:


Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group interested in the current state of the legal order.  It is founded on four principles: federalism, the role of the state is to preserve freedom, the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and the duty of the judiciary is to say what the law is, not what it should be.

The Federalist Society sponsors speakers and debates designed to promote debate and interest in current legal issues.  The group is non-partisan and is traditionally made up of all political views.

There are many different elected positions in the student chapter.  Every student is invited to attend the Federalist Society National Student Symposium which is held each year during the Spring semester at a different law school throughout the country.  Past locations include University of Michigan (2008), Yale (2009), University of Virginia (2011), Stanford (2012), and University of Texas (2013).

Past Activities:

  • Oct. 16, 2014 - Hobby Lobby: War on Women or Protecting the Pious? - Michael Francisco & Prof. Melissa Hart
  • Nov. 3, 2014 - Election Law - Judge Timothy Tymkovich
  • Nov. 20, 2014 - Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces - Radley Balko
  • Feb. 17, 2015 - Polygraphs in the Justice System - Brian Morris & Prof. Fred Bloom
  • Mar. 12, 2015 - Declaring War and Confronting Terror: The ISIS threat and beyond - Richard Epstein
  • Mar. 19, 2015 - Same-Sex Marriage Debate - Ryan Anderson & Prof. Melissa Hart
  • Mar. 30, 2015 - Ferguson, Role of Police - Jim Davis, Sheriff Pelle
  • Apr. 22, 2015 - Gender Wage Gap - Romina Boccia


Other resources:

  • Click here to visit our national affiliate website
  • Click here to find us on TWEN
  • Click here to join us on Facebook (Federalist Society - University of Colorado Law School Chapter)

Health Law Society

The Health Law Society (HLS) is a student group at Colorado Law that is dedicated to fostering awareness and dialogue about the health care field from a legal perspective.  HLS seeks to provide opportunities for student engagement by hosting speakers, promoting health-related conferences, externships, and other professional growth opportunities, and meeting with attorneys and policy-makers in the health care field.  Please contact Elizabeth Powers at for more information about getting involved.


Other resources:

  • Click here to visit our national affiliate website
  • Click here to find us on TWEN


Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA)

JLSA is an association of law students interested in Jewish life and legal issues related to Judaism, the Middle East and Israel. JSLA's goal is to give students and opportunity to connect with other Jewish students and connect students with other attorneys in hopes of helping them find jobs after law school." Email Erica Romberg ( to be added to the group's email list.

Juvenile and Family Law Club

The Juvenile and Family Law Club (JFLC) brings together CU Law students who share an interest in this area of law. The JFLC gives students the opportunity to learn about and discuss the law and policy issues relevant to families and juveniles, as well as the practice and career concerns of juvenile and family lawyers. JFLC sponsors events throughout the year that allow students to make connections with other professionals, and volunteer with at-risk youth in the larger family and juvenile law community.

Past Activities:

  • The JFLC has sponsored programs for CU students about careers in juvenile and family law, bringing professionals to campus and facilitating discussions among students about relevant intern and externships.
  • JFLC students have an ongoing relationship with Broadway Youth Shelters in Boulder, and CU students visit, bring dinner, and have led workshops in the past with foster youth and runaways.
  • JFLC has also worked with the Heritage House in Louisville to publish foster youth’s creative writing and artwork.


Other resources:

  • Click here to find us on TWEN

Latino Law Student Association (LLSA)

The Latino Law Students Association (LLSA) serves as a conduit for a collective Latina/o law student voice at the University of Colorado. We are a non-partisan organization driven by a progressive agenda that protects and advances the civil rights of the Latina/o at CU Law and in our community.  We are dedicated to promoting and sustaining the academic success and professional development of Latina/o law students. We recognize that we cannot merely seek achievement for ourselves and forget about the progress and prosperity of our community; we are one and the same.

Our goals are to:

  1. Articulate and promote the academic and professional needs and goals of Latina and Latino Law Students;
  2. Influence the legal community to effectuate positive and substantive change in the fields of legal education and the representation of the Latino community;
  3. Instill within the Latina and Latino Law Student and Attorney the need to use her/his professional status to effectuate positive change within the Latino community; and
  4. Establish strong, sustainable and respectful coalitions with students, attorneys, and organizations of color; and other organizations and individuals that espouse the goals that LLSA represents.

Past Activities:

  • Outlining and exam taking tips session
  • Lunch with Administrative Law Judges
  • Mentor/ Mentee program with the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association 
  • Annual Cabin Retreat
  • Lunch with Dean Wiser 
  • Annual 1L Welcome BBQ
  • Summer "mixer" with Denver-area specialty bars
  • Lunch panel with attorneys from the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association


Other resources:

  • Click here to visit our national affiliate website
  • Click here to find us on TWEN

Law Students for the Performing Arts (LSPA)

The Law Students for the Performing Arts is a student group dedicated to law students who have a passion for singing, dancing, and acting.  We engage in a number of activities both on and off campus to promote students’ involvements in the arts, including attending community shows and developing our own productions.  Further, we create connections with lawyers in the Colorado legal community who share our passion, many of whom have found careers in entertainment law.

Past Activities:

  • Theatre and the Courtroom
  • Glamorous Law School the Musical (Spring 2012)
  • Numerous local productions (including Children of Eden, God’s Eye, and A Midsummer Night’s Eve)

Other resources:

  • Click here to find us on TWEN
  • Click here to join us on Facebook

Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ)

Law Students for Reproductive Justice trains and mobilizes law students and new lawyers across the country to foster legal expertise and support for the realization of reproductive justice. We believe that reproductive justice will exist when all people can exercise the rights and access the resources they need to thrive and to decide whether, when, and how to have and parent children with dignity, free from discrimination, coercion, or violence. Reproductive Justice (RJ) represents an emerging framework, an analytical tool, a movement-building strategy, and a desired outcome. We aim to construct legally tenable, realistically accessible avenues for informed, consensual, unobstructed decision-making about education, sex, contraception, sterilization, abortion, procreation, birthing, and parenting. Please email Kate Mattern at for more information on how to be involved.

Legal Alternative Dispute Resolution (LADR)

Our group seeks to learn about and gain practice in the various areas of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, arbitration, restorative justice, and more. If you are interested in learning more, join our TWEN page or email Zoe Osterman at Zoe.Osterman@Colorado.EDU.

Meditation Law Society

The goal of the Meditation Law Society is to cultivate mindful awareness and compassion. Everyone is welcome, from those who have never meditated to zen masters. We are a secular group, but all faiths are welcome. We explore a variety of meditation techniques throughout the year with guest lecturers. We typically meet on Wednesdays at NOON in room 300. Check out our TWEN page, or your weekly and daily events email for updates.  Please email Tony Owen ( if you have any questions.

Military Law Society (MLS)

The CU Military Law Society is an inclusive student-run organization that is designed to bring together currently serving military, military veterans, advocates of veterans and veteran issues, law students interested in pursuing military careers, and law students interested in the intersection of law and national security policy. We intend to build this sense of inclusivity through hosting and co-hosting events with other law student organizations on military justice and national security themed issues, an annual Welcome Ceremony for MLS students, the development of a Veterans Fund, and providing legal aid to local veterans through community partnerships.

Past Activities:

  • Boots to Suits Panel: Veterans in the Legal Community
  • Judge Advocate Panel


Other resources:


National Lawyers Guild (NLG)

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is a non-profit federation of lawyers, legal workers, and law students. Since 1937, Guild members have been using the law to advance social justice and support progressive social movements. We have chapters throughout the United States, and our National Office is located in New York City. Mission The NLG is dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. We seek to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests. Our aim is to bring together all those who recognize the importance of safeguarding and extending the rights of workers, women, farmers, people with disabilities and people of color, upon whom the welfare of the entire nation depends; who seek actively to eliminate racism; who work to maintain and protect our civil rights and liberties in the face of persistent attacks upon them; and who look upon the law as an instrument for the protection of the people, rather than for their repression.

Past Activities:

  • Hosted speakers on immigration law, farmworkers’ rights, the prison industrial complex, tort reform and radical lawyering.
  • Involved in Know Your Rights and Legal Observer trainings and travel to the National Convention every October.
  • We actively work with other student groups and community organizations on a host of issues, and we’re always open to new ideas and projects.



Other resources:

  • Click here to visit our national affiliate website
  • Click here to find us on TWEN

Native American Law Students Association (NALSA)

The Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) provides academic, social, and cultural support to Native American students at the University of Colorado Law School as well as those with an interest in federal Indian and tribal law. NALSA hosts and supports events throughout the academic year to educate the Colorado Law community on Native issues, connect its members to Indian law practitioners, and engage with members of the local Native community. For more information on the Native American Law Students Association, please contact Allison Hester ( or Kamran Zafar (

Past Activities

Every year in September, NALSA hosts a social for the incoming students to meet the current NALSA membership. In early November, NALSA also sponsors the Fall Harvest Feast, a Native American community potluck for law students, members of the Colorado Indian Bar Association (CIBA) and Native American community members. NALSA has also participated in National NALSA Moot Court, the Federal Bar Association's Indian Law Conference, the Denver March Pow Wow, and the annual CIBA Red Rock Ramble fundraiser. In 2009, CU NALSA co-hosted the 17th Annual National NALSA Moot Court Competition with the University of Denver NALSA Chapter (the event was held at the Wolf Law Building).

Other Information

Co-President: Allison Hester,
Co-President: Kamran Zafar,
Vice President: Marissa Garcia,
Secretary: Jeremiah Jones,
Treasurer: Ellen Hyams,
Ntnl Affialiate Website
TWEN Website click here for TWEN website
On the NALSA TWEN site, students will find organizational information about NALSA, upcoming events, opportunities (moot court and writing competitions, fellowships, scholarships, externships, clerkships, jobs, etc.) and member contributions as to current Native issues. There are also sign-up sheets for event volunteers, surveys and e-mail access to the NALSA membership.
Web Contact

Lauren Goschke


OUTLaw provides professional, social, and academic support for LGBTQ+ law students and their straight/cisgender allies. People of all ages, gender identities, gender expressions, races, sexual orientations, and political beliefs are welcome. Throughout the year, we host various events and invite guest speakers to discuss current legal issues pertaining to sexual orientation and gender identity. We look forward to getting to know all of you! You can find out more about us, including meeting times, by emailing Jordan Blisk at or Julia La Manna at

Public Interest Students Association (PISA)

The Public Interest Students Association strives to involve students in service to the community during law school. We provide both legal and general community service opportunities to members, including Public Service Pledge opportunities. Throughout the year, we bring in speakers from public interest fields from nonprofit organizations, public defense, criminal prosecution, governmental work (local, state, and federal), and environmental law. Active members have the opportunity to apply for summer fellowships to make summer public interest worth an attractive summer option. We also partner with many other student groups, associations, and the Career Services Office to provide opportunities for students to advance environmental and social justice while engaging in networking opportunities within the greater legal community. Ultimately, we seek to help students learn about (and hopefully pursue) employment in public interest legal work after graduation. Please join our TWEN page for up-to-date information about events throughout the academic year. 

Past Activities:

  • Penny Wars, PISA Week
  • Tacky Prom


Other resources:

  • Click here to find us on TWEN
  • Click here to join us on Facebook (Public Interest Student Association – CU Law)
  • Follow "PISA" on Twitter

Silicon Flatirons Students Group

The Silicon Flatirons Student Group is a sister organization and student connection to the Silicon Flatirons Center - A Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. We are a group of students with wide-ranging interests in the growing fields of technology, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and telecommunications. The group brings students together across CU to host events, share knowledge, and utilize the great resource that is the Silicon Flatirons Center. We host conferences at the school and do frequent Primer Lunches that provide an introduction to conference material as well as a chance to meet conference speakers before the event, in addition to bringing in guest speakers throughout the year. 

To contact the SFSG, email Karyn Kesselring (, Matthew McCormick (, or the SFSG Program Director Account at

Past Activities:

  • Indecency Debate
  • FCC Open Meeting Morning Broadcast
  • Lunch with Blair Levin


Other resources:

Society for Work, Employment, and Labor Law at CU (SWELL CU)

SWELL is a brand new student group that aims to promote student engagement in labor and employment law and to build connections with practitioners and scholars in the field. Students may e-mail us at and/or join our TWEN page for more information.

Spanish Speaking Law Students Association

The Spanish Speaking Law Students Association (SSLSA) is the CU Law student branch of the Spanish Speaking Lawyers Committee. It is an ever-expanding student organization aimed at providing its members opportunities to practice their Spanish skills, and to connect with Spanish-speaking lawyers throughout the metro area through various social engagements. Additionally, SSLSA promotes community outreach by creating an avenue for its members to interpret for the Spanish speaking community at various legal events. Any students interested in learning, practicing, or using their Spanish are welcome (and encouraged) to join the SSLSA.

If you have any questions regarding the group please contact: Oscar Cobos (; Marcela Dye (; Hilary Barnard (; or Nathan Dunkley (

Sports and Entertainment Law Students Association (SELSA)

The Sports and Entertainment Law Student Association (SELSA) is a club of students interested in sports law and/or entertainment law. The aim of the club is to foster interaction between the students, professors and staff with related interests, and develop connections with professionals in the field so students can network and work towards a career in Sports and Entertainment. Our activities include an annual Softball game, lunch time speakers, THAC, March Madness brackets, SLA conference trip, and other related events and fundraisers. This club introduces students to a specialized field of law and provides an opportunity for students to break into the highly popular and competitive industry of Sports and Entertainment Law. SELSA will have an introductory meeting during the first couple weeks that classes start. Students can also sign up via TWEN.

Past Activities:

  • Entertainment Law Initiative Writing Competition
  • Annual SELSA All=School Softball Tournament
  • National Sports Lawyers Association Conference
  • US Olympic Committee Ombudsmen Program
  • Nuggets Game with DU Sports Law Student Group
  • Breaking Into Sports Law Panel
  • US Olympic Committee Alternative Dispute Resolution Panel


Other resources:

  • Click here to visit the Sports Lawyers Association website
  • Click here to find us on TWEN

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF)

SALDF is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of the field of animal law. SALDF is dedicated to the goals of educating the law school and surrounding community about forms of institutionalized animal abuse, and engaging in projects that combat that abuse. SALDF is equally dedicated to protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system. The activities SALDF include hosting speakers, and events on current issues in animal rights and animal welfare law, carrying out research projects for lawyers and organizations promoting animal welfare and animal rights litigation; networking with students at other schools, conducting educational events such as information tables and video screenings on pertinent issues.

The 2015-2016 Board Members are:

President: Erika Lynn Brotzman (
Co Vice-President: Kaitlin Clark (
Co Vice-President: Stephanie Vu (

Please feel free to contact any member for more information.

Student Bar Association (SBA)

As Colorado Law's student government, the Student Bar Association (SBA) represents the interests of law students generally. All students enrolled at Colorado Law are members of the SBA and may vote for SBA officers and and their respective class officers. The SBA oversees the activities of law school student organizations and allocates funding to them, administers the school's honor code with the Honor Council, and sponsors many educational, social, and athletic activities.


Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

We are the only international network of students dedicated to ending the war on drugs. At heart, SSDP is a grassroots organization, led by a student-run board of directors. We create change by bringing young people together and creating safe spaces for students of all political and ideological stripes to have honest conversations about drugs and drug policy.

Transfer and Visiting Students' Committee (TVSC)

The Transfer and Visiting Students' Committe (TVSC) is a student organization that is dedicated to furthering the interests of fellow transfer and visiting students.  Contact the 2014-2015 co-presidents for more information: 

University of Colorado Law Review

The University of Colorado Law Review has been the flagship academic journal at the University of Colorado since 1929. The members are currently in the process of publishing Volume 88! The Law Review is a general-interest journal of legal scholarship managed and edited by students and published four times per year. Recently, the Law Review has published articles on an array of topics, including natural resources law, constitutional law, intellectual property law, corporate/business law, criminal law, and criminal justice reform. Members of the Law Review conduct independent legal research, prepare notes and comments for publication, and edit articles written by distinguished legal scholars and fellow members. The Law Review also publishes articles presented at the annual Ira C. Rothgerber Conference on Constitutional Law hosted by the Byron R. White Center. Membership also offers opportunities to rub shoulders with the large network of Law Review alums and allies. The summer after 1L year, interested students may apply for membership through the annual writing competition known as Write-On. Members who meet the prescribed standards may receive up to six academic credits total during their two years of membership (2L & 3L year). For more information, please email Casey Klekas, Editor-in-Chief, at

For more information about the University of Colorado Law Review go to our website at!

Women's Law Caucus (WLC)

The Women’s Law Caucus (WLC) sponsors and provides events, activities, and information about issues affecting women in the legal profession. In addition, WLC hosts several social events throughout the year, allowing students to get to know each other, community professionals, and law school faculty. Though the WLC provides information about women, membership and participation are open to both male and female students, faculty and staff, and community members.

To get involved, a student can attend general meetings, attend and/or participate in the sponsored events, sign up on TWEN, and volunteer for one of our many committees. During Spring Semester, students have the opportunity to run for a board position to become even more involved with the organization.

Past Activities:

  • Used Bookstore: The WLC operates a year-round consignment bookstore, offering students an affordable alternative for buying textbooks, study guides, and supplemental materials. Because this is a consignment bookstore, the quality of the books varies. If your professor does not require a brand new edition, you could save a ton of money. Bookstore hours and more details are below.
  • Women in Law Panel and other brown bag lunches and speakers on a variety of topics related to women’s issues.
  • Mentor/Mentee Program: WLC pairs incoming students second and third year students who serve as mentors. There is a kickoff event at the beginning of Fall Semester as well as additional events later in the year.
  • Women in Law Day (WILD): WLC sponsors a visit and informational conference for women interested in the legal profession; activities include panel discussions, prominent guest speakers, and a mock law school class
  • Summer Fellowship: WLC annually awards a fellowship to a 1L or 2L who will be volunteering in some capacity regarding women’s issues.

Executive Board 2016-2017:

Fall 2016 Bookstore Hours: To be determined

A schedule will be posted outside of the bookstore, which is located on the first floor of the law school. 

For updates to this calendar, please follow the Colorado Law Class of 2017/2018/2019 Facebook groups. If additional information is needed, contact Rebekah Stern at

Please note that the WLC Bookstore is cash or check only. Checks must have actual addresses; they cannot be temporary checks. Checks should be made out to the University of Colorado.

Other Resources:

  • Click here to find us on TWEN

Inactive Student Organizations

  • Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ)
  • Delta Theta Phi Fraternity
  • Phi Delta Phi Fraternity