**We will NOT be accepting transfer or visitor applications for fall 2024 entrance. Thank you for your interest in Colorado Law. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

JD Transfer Application is currently unavailable.


How do I apply as a transfer law student?
Transfer students must use the application available on this website (top of page). Do not apply via LSAC. We are unable to pull any materials submitted to LSAC.  

When do you begin accepting transfer applications?
Transfer applications are accepted starting May 1 and must be completed no later than July 1. We only offer fall admission for transfer applicants. During the transfer application cycle, we will accept application materials, but we will not begin to review any transfer applications until spring grades and 1L class rankings have been received.

What are the qualifications for transfer? 
Students who have completed at least one full year of study, approximately 30 semester credits, at a law school accredited by the American Bar Association may apply for admission to Colorado Law. We recognize that there may be differences in credit hour requirements at various law schools that may result in the need to take some extra coursework. Our Registrar will complete a credit evaluation of your current law school transcript if you are offered admission. We will accept a maximum of 44 transfer credits.

What is the process for transfer students to apply? 
The application and following documents must be submitted to the Office of Admissions at the address provided on the application by the posted deadline – materials cannot be accepted through LSAC:

  • Completed application
  • Application fee is waived for all 2020 transfer applications (disregard fee waiver information on application)
  • Copy of the 1st page of your CAS Report
    • Your current law school will have this in your student file. It contains information on your LSAT score, undergraduate GPA, and institutions attended
  • Personal essay including reason for seeking a transfer (see application for details)
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation (one of the letters must be from a current law professor). A copy of the Letter of Recommendation Cover Sheet must accompany each letter. Letters should be sent directly to the University of Colorado Law School, Office of Admissions, 403 UCB, Boulder, Colorado 80309-1409 or via email to law.admissions@colorado.edu.
  • Transcripts from all post-high school institutions
    • Transcripts should be sent directly to Colorado Law from the institution. We cannot accept transcripts issued to the student. We will accept official electronic transcripts that are sent to us at law.admissions@colorado.edu or via regular mail.
  • Your current law school transcript
    • This transcript should be sent directly to Colorado Law from your institution. Please do not request your transcript is sent to us until your full spring grades and class rank after the spring semester will be reflected. We cannot accept transcripts issued to the student. We will accept official electronic transcripts that are sent to us at law.admissions@colorado.edu or via regular mail
  • A letter from your current law school dean stating that you are in good standing and eligible to continue at that law school
  • Law school class rank after the spring semester

How many transfer students do you accept each year?
We admit transfer students on a space-available basis, which varies each year. 

Are transfer students eligible for the Order of the Coif and Dean's List?
Yes, transfer students are considered for both.

Is the original law school GPA for transfer students calculated into Colorado Law's GPA?
No, the original GPA from the law school of origin is NOT calculated into the transfer student's Colorado Law GPA. Transfer students start fresh.

Can transfer students apply to be on Colorado Law’s journals?
Yes, transfer students can apply to our three journals. If admitted, our journals will reach out to you with additional information on the application process.