At Colorado Law, we place great value on the qualities of leadership, character, service, and commitment to diversity. As a Teach For America (TFA) partner, Colorado Law looks forward to those students being leaders and role models to other students. Applicants to both Colorado Law and TFA, can have their Colorado Law application fee waived. Applicants should contact the admissions office prior to applying electronically through LSAC to receive a fee waiver code. If an applicant is then admitted to both Colorado Law and the TFA program in the same year, we will grant a two-year deferral to allow the student to participate in TFA and then to enroll in Colorado Law, provided the applicant provides proof of TFA admission prior to the first day of law school classes.

What advantages are there if I'm a Teach for America alumni?
As a TFA partner, Colorado Law welcomes TFA alumni to join us following the completion of their two-year program. Colorado Law waives the application fee for TFA alumni. Those applicants should contact the admissions office prior to submitting their application electronically to receive a fee waiver.