Forms and Templates

Please note that these forms should only be used by the faculty liaisons at the dean’s offices of the respective college/school/institute. 
Faculty members are advised to consult with their dean’s office for policy and procedural guidance. 

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Absence from Campus Policy for Faculty 

Academic Affairs Policies, Customs, and Guidelines 

Additional Job Request - University Staff

Additional Pay and Salary Guidelines for Faculty 

Additional Remuneration Policy (CU System) 

Annual Merit Assessment 

Annual Merit Evaluation

Annual Workloads - Differentiated Workloads 

Annual Workloads - Differentiated Workloads (CU System APS) 

Appeals, Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion 

Appointment, Evaluation, and Promotion of Instructors and Lecturers 

Appointment of Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty 

Awards, Faculty 

Awards Policy (Recognition Awards)

Awards Publication 



Benefits: see Employee Services 

Boulder Faculty Assembly 

Budget and Fiscal Planning, Office of 



Child and Elder Care 

Clinical Teaching Track Faculty 

Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) 

Compensation Principles and Policy for Chairs, Faculty Directors, Associate and Assistant Chairs, Associate Faculty Directors, Associate and Assistant Deans, and Institute Directors 

Compensation Principles and Policy for Faculty 

Computer Purchase Program, Faculty 

Conflicts of Interest, Academic and Research 

Contracts and Grants, Office of 

Course Overload Policy 



Data Analytics, Office of 

Degree Approval Process 

Discontinuance of Programs

Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Distinguished Professors 

Dossier Checklist for Comprehensive Review, Tenure, and Promotion

Dossier Checklist for Appointments (Hires) with Tenure

Dual Career Hiring



Early Promotion and Tenure: Criteria 

Emeritus Status Request Form 

Entreprenurial Leave Policy

Exit Procedures (Office of Human Resources) 

External Letter Templates for Comprehensive Review, Tenure, and Promotion

External Reviewer Guidelines for Comprehensive Review, Tenure, and Promotion 



Faculty Funding Opportunities in the Research and Innovation Office (RIO) 

Faculty Handbook (CU System) 

Faculty Housing Assistance Program (FHAP) 

Faculty Performance Rating Form 

Faculty Report of Professional Activities (FRPA) 

Faculty Senate 

Faculty Teaching Excellence Program (FTEP) 

Faculty Titles 

Family Housing 

FCQ (Faculty Course Questionnaire) 




Grievance Procedure, Provost's (Updated 7/17/08) 



Human Resources 



Information Packet: Comprehensive Review, Promotion, and Tenure Review 

Instructor and Lecturer Rank Faculty: Guidelines for Appointment, Evaluation and Promotion, March 2011 

Instructor Rank Faculty Reappointment 

Instructor Reappointment and Promotion Form (Excel file) (document not yet remediated - for alternate format: email or phone, 303-492-5491)

Instructor Taskforce by Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA): Academic Affairs Response

International Student and Scholar Services 







Laws of the Regents 

Leadership Education for Advancement and Promotion (LEAP) 

Leaves, Faculty Information (Campus Guidelines) 

Leaves, Faculty (Board of Regents Policy) 

Leave Request Forms for Faculty (Use this form for: Faculty leaves of absence, parental leave for tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty) 



Mentoring and Faculty Development Resources 

Multiple Measures of Teaching 



National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD) 


Norlin Library 



Offer Letter Templates for Faculty (Forms)

Ombuds Office 

One-Sixth Rule (document not yet remidiated - for alternate format: email or phone, 303-492-5491)

Openness in Research (Academic Affairs Policy on) 

Open Access Policy (University Libraries) 



Parental Leave

Post-Tenure Review (Boulder Campus) 

Post-Tenure Review (CU System) 

Post-Tenure Review Development Plan

Post-Tenure Review Evaluative Report

Primary Unit Procedures for Written Standards and Criteria for Pre-Tenure Faculty 

Professional Plan (CU System) 

Professional Plan

Professional Plan Sample

Professional Rights & Responsibilities of Faculty Members and Roles & Responsibilities of Department Chairs 

Promotion: Associate Professor to Professor 





Reappointment, Tenure, Promotion 

Recruitment Authorization Form 

Recruitment Authorization Form Training Guide 

Research and Innovation Office 

Research Misconduct 

Research Faculty Appointments - Policies and Procedures 

Resignation Form 


Retirement Agreements for Faculty (CU System) 

Retirement Memo 



Sabbatical Leave, Application 

Sabbatical Leave, Change Form 

Sabbatical Report 


Salary Equity Appeals Policy Revision (PDF - Spring 2015) 

Salary Equity Appeals 

Student Classroom and Course-Related Behavior 

Summer Salary Information for Faculty 

Summer Salary Limit Petition Form 

Summer Salary Limit Petition Form Training Guide 

Summer Session 

Summer Subsitution Course Policy



2nd Optional Tenure Clock Stoppage 

Tenure "Clock" 

Tenure "Clock" Adjustments 

Tenure Clock Waiver of First Semester of Service 

Tenure Track Faculty Comprehensive Review, Tenure, and Promotion 

Tenure Transfer Process 

Tuition Assistance Benefit 



University of Colorado Ethics Hotline 

University Libraries 

University Staff Teaching Policy 



VCAC (Vice Chancellor's Advisory Committee) 

VCAC Dossier Checklist for Appointments (Hires) with Tenure

VCAC Dossier Checklist for Comprehensive Review, Tenure, and Promotion 




Weapons on Campus, Policy on