The Faculty Data and Impact team at the Office of Faculty Affairs, in partnership with the technical group at the Office of Data Analytics, are the stewards of the Faculty Information System (FIS), the system of record used to track and manage faculty information including key career milestones, professional activities, research interests, and other business-critical data at CU Boulder. FIS has integrations with existing campus systems of record, serves as a reliable source of validated information about faculty activity, and allows faculty to see the full picture of their contributions through a wide offering of tools and services.

To these ends, the Faculty Data and Impact team at the Office of Faculty Affairs serve the faculty at CU Boulder by:

  • Providing training and support for annual Faculty Report of Professional Activities (FRPA)
  • Claiming and cataloging publications and creative works in CU Boulder Elements (CUBE)
  • Assisting faculty via NewCUpubs, a new service aiming to streamline sharing of information about publications from CU Boulder faculty and researchers
  • Promoting public profile and professional visibility of CU Boulder faculty via CU Experts
  • Assessing the impact of the research and creative work of our faculty with tools such as:
  • Encouraging the discovery and promotion of awards and honors opportunities in our Faculty Awards Search
  • Improving the registry of unique researchers on campus and identifying all scholarly works associated with a particular researcher via ORCID profiles