Office of Faculty Affairs/FIS Team

The Faculty Awards Search is an application provided to Boulder campus users to explore information about awards available and awards received by CU Boulder faculty. The application and associated data are managed by the FIS (Faculty Information System) team in the Office of Faculty Affairs.

The Faculty Awards Search provides a way of searching the full list of faculty awards in the FIS database.  The awards information includes internal awards (university, campus, or unit level) and external awards from more than 800 awarding organizations about more than 4800 national or international honors. Information about awards received by CU Boulder faculty is found under the CU Awardees section. The Awards List contains information about numerous scholarly, creative and research awards including nearly 150 campus honors as well as several thousand national and international honors.

To use the Faculty Awards Search, go here.  Campus identi-key credentials are required to use the Faculty Awards Search.

Download the Data Glossary of fields used in the Faculty Awards Search.

Public faculty profiles with much of this information for current faculty can also be found at CU Experts.

The Faculty Awards Search contains the following three major sections with searchable data views presented within each section:

A.  Awards List – This is the full list of more than 4800 awards that we have information about. Many of these awards have been received by Boulder faculty. The awards list may be used for exploring awards that exist in a discipline or for potential nomination. Our subscription to Academic Analytics has provided much of the information on external awards.

  1. Awards by Awarding Organization – Organized by name of awarding organization. Useful to see more about the organization or to see what other awards they give.
  2. Internal CU Boulder Awards – Contains information about all internal awards including campus and unit awards.
  3. External Awards – Contains information about all external awards from national and international sources. Awards by Nomination Month – ordered by nomination month
  4. Expert Search – Searchable by awarding organization, award name, discipline category, or nomination month. Connects with information shown on CU Experts (experts.colorado.edu).

B.  CU Awardees – This tab includes information on all awards received by CU Boulder faculty and represents current faculty as well as faculty who no longer have active appointments on the Boulder campus. There are more than 2300 records about awards received by our faculty.

  1. CU Awardees by Award Name
  2. CU Awardees by Awarding Organization
  3. CU Awardees by Department – includes unit and school/college as well as information about the award including name of recipient, year received, academic rank of recipient, award website, current status of faculty member (active/inactive).
  4. Expert Search – basic view of the information about award recipients. Searchable by many different fields.

C.  Start Here – This tab includes contact information and links to the Data Glossary for the Faculty Search Database.

For more information about the Faculty Awards Search, contact Faculty Affairs at ofafacultydata@colorado.edu.