Office of Faculty Affairs/FIS Team

The Faculty Data Explorer is a discovery and reporting application provided to select Boulder campus administrative users. The application and relevant data are managed by the FIS team in Faculty Affairs. The Faculty Data Explorer highlights strategic data elements from FIS and FRPA to provide information about the Boulder campus faculty for use in support of campus initiatives, strategic communications and to promote the accomplishments of our faculty.

Here is a link to the Faculty Data Explorer

Access to the Faculty Data Explorer is granted by the Faculty Data and Impact team in Faculty Affairs. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the data, access is limited to campus administrative users with relevant needs for this faculty information.  The decision about granting access remains at the discretion of the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Vice Provost.

For more information about the Faculty Data Explorer, see below or send email to ofafacultydata@colorado.edu.
Public faculty profiles with much of this information can also be found at CU Experts
Contact the Office of Institutional Research for most other campus data requests.

The Faculty Data Explorer contains the following sections:

  1. Search Tenure Track Faculty, Clinical and Instructors – allows searching faculty by unit, tenure locus, tenure schedule, academic rank, ethnicity, gender and more. Includes Tenure Track faculty, Clinical faculty and Instructors as well Scholars in Residence and Artists in Residence.
  2. Chairs and Directors – list of administrators by unit based on position data from HCM and FIS data. 
  3. Research & Expertise – allows searching of all faculty (not just tenure-track and instructors) by unit and academic rank for:
    • Research Overview (in CU Experts now – see experts.colorado.edu )
    • Research keywords (in CU Experts now)
    • Research free-text keywords (in CU Experts now)
    • Faculty work story (NEW data) – a description of their academic work using nonspecialist terminology
    • Languages spoken (NEW data)
    • Media Expertise as identified by the faculty member (NEW data)
    • Media Expert status as approved by Strategic Relations (NEW data – in process)
  4. FTEP and LEAP - Only viewable to users in FTEP or LEAP for data collection related to their programmatic activities.

Download the Data Glossary of fields used in the Faculty Data Explorer.

Note: The Office of Faculty Affairs cares about inclusion and strives to build a welcoming and supportive campus community for people with all gender identities. The Faculty Information System (FIS) gender fields are sourced from the campus Human Resources PeopleSoft HCM system and are not changeable for now. Faculty Affairs will update gender identity options in FIS after changes are made in HCM. To learn more about the gender identity transition period, please contact the Office of Human Resources.

Future offerings related to faculty data could include searches for International Activities, and limited access to faculty personnel actions such as sabbatical eligibility or post-tenure review schedules.