CU Boulder Elements (CUBE) is provided by the Office of Faculty Affairs and managed as part of the Faculty Information System (FIS). This project is the first step in creating a critical data hub for faculty to interact with scholarly data for campus reporting requirements such as the annual Faculty Report of Professional Activities (FRPA) for individuals as well as larger annual reporting for grants and other requirements while also collecting important campus-wide information to describe the contributions and scholarly impact of the Boulder campus faculty. Public data from these efforts will be presented on the research profiles for all faculty at CU Experts.

These efforts are in direct service to the faculty and staff to:

  • provide important research metrics about faculty accomplishments;
  • reduce the reporting burden for the campus whenever possible and;
  • support the Chancellor’s initiative to promote the reputation and accomplishments of the University faculty.

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Who is in Elements?

How FRPA maps to Elements

CU Boulder Elements is part of a suite of tools to help faculty highlight their academic reputation.  
See "How Faculty Can Highlight Their Academic Reputation" for more information.