Welcome to the Faculty Information System

What is FIS?

The Faculty Information System (FIS), developed by the Office of Faculty Affairs, is the system of record used at the University of Colorado Boulder since 1994 to track faculty information including appointments, tenure review, sabbatical eligibility, faculty professional and outreach activities, research interests, honors received by the faculty and other business-critical faculty data including publication data and ORCID IDs. FIS connects for daily data extracts from the CU HR system. This information is then supplemented by Faculty Affairs to improve the information available about faculty career events and faculty accomplishments.

FIS is managed and supported by a group of domain and technical experts across the university's academic and business divisions. The FIS technical group joined ODA in 2019, continuing its work of building innovative applications and finding creative solutions to support, promote and serve university faculty. They partner with the Faculty Data Reporting and Impact group within the Office of Faculty Affairs to fully support FIS' stakeholders, including faculty, department chairs and other academic administrators.

Key FIS Services for CU Boulder faculty and the campus include:

  • CU Experts - Research profiles for CU Boulder Faculty and Researchers
  • FRPA  - Annual Faculty Report of Professional Activities (FRPA) collecting data on professional activities, research expertise, international connections, online presence, media engagement and more about CU Boulder Faculty and Researchers
  • CU Boulder Elements (CUBE) - System of record for Publications and Creative Works of the Boulder faculty
  • ORCID - ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) initiative for CU Boulder Faculty and Researchers
  • Altmetric Explorer - Attention and impact received by scholarly work of Boulder faculty in the world including news media, policy documents and social media
  • Dimensions - Global database for discovery of publications, grants, patents, clinical trials and policy documents
  • Faculty Awards Search - Awards received by CU Boulder Faculty and Researchers plus a database of internal and external awards available for faculty nomination
  • NewCUpubs - Service provided by Faculty Affairs to faculty and units to claim faculty publications as early as possible

Key FIS Services for CU Boulder administrators:

  • Faculty Data Explorer - Faculty information sourced from FIS in an easily accessible reporting tool for use by campus administrative groups interested in information such as research expertise, unit leadership, faculty status and demographics
  • FIS Explorer - Newly released FIS information portal reporting on all aspects of faculty information
  • FRPA Reporting Services
  • FIS Data Service 
  • FIS Main