The list of possible ways CU Experts could be used by the campus and those interested in research and faculty expertise at CU Boulder includes the following:

  • Interdisciplinary faculty-to-faculty collaboration including collaboration with other institutions
  • Boosts visibility of the Boulder campus research reputation to the wider world
  • Support for high-level campus efforts to market CU Boulder to students, for large interdisciplinary initiatives and for external funding possibilities
  • Prospective undergraduate and graduate students looking at offerings
  • Donors and/or the CU Foundation
  • Showcase university capabilities and accelerate industry connections

As CU Experts is used, undoubtedly more avenues of interest and support will surface as this tool is intended to facilitate the discovery process and to allow users to find new connections.

Faculty Affairs intends to strengthen the data collection process and resources related to research expertise on the Boulder campus. Faculty Affairs hopes to create a central resource that benefits faculty, staff and administrators at different levels and for many purposes. The goal is to create one main source of useful data around research expertise and to share it throughout the campus community. 

  • Active faculty: All individuals with any type of active faculty appointment (tenure-track faculty, research faculty, teaching faculty, part-time or temporary faculty) at the Boulder campus can be included in the faculty profiles on CU Experts. 
  • Researchers: Though the bulk of the CU Experts profiles involve faculty, professional exempt staff who are conducting research may also contribute their research interests through FRPA Online with a special access code available by sending a request to

How quickly will updates show in CU Experts?

Fields updated through FRPA Online will appear in CU Experts within 24 to 48 hours Monday through Friday. Data elements requiring updates through the HR system or through ITS registry systems may take longer to show in CU Experts due to processing and system update schedules. Curated items may take longer to show on a CU Experts profile as they are reviewed by staff prior to posting on CU Experts. The curation process is applied to research interests, the research overview and the submitted web URL.

How to Update CU Experts Profile

For help with updating your CU Experts profile visit: 

How to Update CU Experts Profile

For inquiries regarding any of the FIS tools, including CU Experts, FRPA or CUBE please email the OFA Service Desk at: