Who Needs to Submit an FRPA?
All tenure-track faculty and full-time instructors are required to electronically submit their FRPA each year as part of the annual merit evaluation process. Part-time rostered faculty are also required to complete FRPA. Others (including research faculty and part-time faculty) are allowed to submit FRPA if they desire. Some units may require research and part-time faculty to submit FRPA as part of an internal process. All faculty are encouraged to provide at least the supplemental profile and research expertise information to build their CU Experts faculty profile.

What is on the FRPA?

The FRPA primarily collects information on one’s annual activities in the categories of Teaching, Scholarly Work, Creative Work and Service. Information on research and expertise, international activities and other profile information are collected here as a centralized effort to support campus and departmental needs including web presence for units, grant reporting, media requests, programmatic needs and more. Faculty are asked to upload a current curriculum vitae each year. Academic units rely heavily on the information provided through the FRPA process.


FRPA reports cover the calendar year, January 1 to December 31, and are usually due February 1 of the following year.

Faculty may change portions of their FRPA that appear in their CU Experts public profiles at any time, and may enter items for the current reporting cycle throughout the year.


There are two ways to access FRPA Online:

1. Using your campus identikey credentials, log on to MyCUInfo. You may access FRPA from either the “CU Resources” tab, or the “Teaching Tools” tab.

From the “CU Resources” tab, click “Reporting & Compliance.” Then click “Faculty Reporting & DEPA.” Click the “Login to FRPA” button.

From the “Teaching Tools” tab, at the bottom of the right-hand column, click “Faculty Reporting & DEPA.” Click the “Login to FRPA” button.


2. If you have FRPA ID login credentials (these are specific to FRPA and are not used for any other campus systems), you may log on directly to FRPA Online. You may first need to enter your campus identikey credentials, and then enter your FRPA-specific credentials on the subsequent page.

Getting Started

Once in FRPA, see the left navigation menu under "Current FRPA" which represents sections of the report. Visit each section to complete your report. There may be sections where you have nothing to edit or enter. When you have finished and you have viewed the report for accuracy, you must indicate that you have 'completed' the report and release the report to unit or units conducting your merit evaluation. See Complete FRPA and Release Reports.

Publications and Creative Works are imported directly from the CU Boulder Elements (CUBE). All entries for these activities will start in CU Boulder Elements and then be imported directly to your FRPA. All you have to do is choose the appropriate FRPA activity code to properly classify your work on your FRPA.

For Administrators

Unit Administrators may access FRPAport, the FRPA reporting module, at https://frpadb.colorado.edu/pls/frpa/frpaport.logon

Staff needing to access an individual faculty member's report on their behalf, please use Access method #2 listed above. You will need to first enter your own campus identikey credentials. On the subsequent page, enter the faculty member's FRPA-specific login credentials. If the faculty member does not know their FRPA-specific login credentials, please have them contact FRPA support.

Help and Support

There are many avenues for assistance with understanding your FRPA and the larger publication data project, CU Boulder Elements (CUBE).  See the online help resources within FRPA Online such as ‘Help’, ‘FAQs’ and other information sources in the header bar at the top right of the application screen. In addition, Faculty Affairs has support staff you can speak with as questions arise, please get in touch via the OFA Service Desk by emailing: ofafacultydata@colorado.edu.