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For FRPA 2020, the deadline to submit your report to your primary unit via FRPA Online is February 1, 2021. FRPA Online is available through your MyCUInfo portal.

Database Closure Date
The FRPA 2020 data set will be frozen as of June 1, 2021. No additions or revisions to the 2020 FRPA are allowed after May 31, 2021.

CU Experts Updates

Portions of your FRPA that appear on your CU Experts profile may be updated year-round. This includes CV, Profile Name, Photo, ORCID, International work, Research, and Online Presence.

Getting Started

To get started, log in to MyCUinfo using your campus IdentiKey credentials. From the “CU Resources” tab, click the tile for “Faculty Reporting & DEPA.” Click the “Login to FRPA” button. Teaching faculty may also access their FRPA login button from the MyCUInfo “Teaching Tools” tab.

Once in FRPA, check the home screen for news and information. Under “2020 FRPA” in the left menu, you can click through and complete each section of your report.

Important: you will need to visit your CU Boulder Elements (CUBE) account to enter most Scholarly Works and all Creative Works. You will find links to your CUBE account on your FRPA home page, as well as within the Scholarly and Creative sections of FRPA. You may also log in directly to CUBE using your campus IdentiKey credentials at

Once you’ve completed each section of your report, use the View/Print FRPA menu item to review your full FRPA. When you are satisfied with your report, scroll to the bottom of the left menu and click “Complete.” Click the green “Complete & Release” button, select “FRPA is Complete,” select your unit(s) from the list, and click the green “Submit” button.

Importing Courses Taught

New for 2020, the Office of Faculty Affairs, in partnership with the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Data Analytics will be importing data about courses taught into the FRPA Teaching Activities section. This should save you time!

On the Teaching Activities section of the FRPA Online, you will now see a new button in green on the right hand side of the page, “Import 2020.”  Clicking this button will pull up a popup menu listing all of the courses the registrar had on record for you, for the 2020 calendar year.  Certain activities may have suggested codes, for each item you wish to import to your 2020 FRPA please assign a code.

You are not required to use the data imported from the Registrar. Please feel free to use the “Copy from Last Year” or “Add 2020 Teaching Activities” to enter data regarding your Teaching Activities.

Supporting the Inclusion, Diversity and Excellence in Academics (IDEA) Plan

The Office of Faculty Affairs is committed to the values and goals of the Inclusion, Diversity and Excellence in Academics (IDEA) Plan (PDF), and is currently working on how to support the IDEA Plan via the FRPA. 

Additionally, OFA has been tasked by Boulder Faculty Assembly resolution BFA-R-1-081020 (PDF)  to incorporate Diversity Activities more comprehensively into the FRPA. This work will require a number of months, and so we’ll need to target implementation for the 2021 reporting year. In the meantime, we offer the following strategies for highlighting the work you do to support Inclusion, Diversity, and Excellence on your FRPA.

  • Teaching Activity Code 340 “Diversity Activities Related to Teaching (include participation in efforts to support a more diverse student body)” - This code may be used for a range of activities related to diversity, check with your Chair or Dean with questions on how your unit uses this code.
  • Activity Comments – For any item entered in to FRPA Online, there will be the ability to add an “Activity Comment.” The Office of Faculty Affairs encourages faculty to use this comment field to add additional context for the activity, including work on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion-related activities.
  • Annual Activity Summary – Faculty are welcome and encouraged to include information here about how diversity was a part of their 2020 activities.

The Office of Faculty Affairs is very interested in learning more about how the FRPA can support the IDEA Plan; please submit feedback to Matt Ramey at

Pandemic Activity Summary

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our university community, the Office of Faculty Affairs has added a new, optional code for the 2020 FRPA: 299 – Pandemic Activity Summary

This new code may be used to supplement the annual activity summary and can be used to describe how the pandemic affected your Teaching, Scholarly and Creative Works, and Service.

You may access this new code via the Summary section of the FRPA Online. After clicking “Add 2020 Annual Activity Summary” select “299 Pandemic Activity Summary” from the drop-down menu.

Please note that sensitive information about your health or the health of other individuals in your family or professional circles should not be included in the new Pandemic Activity Summary or any other code within the FRPA Online. While this code will not be made public, this information may be subject to the Colorado Open Records Act. Please contact with questions.  

Activity Comments

Since 2018, you have had the ability to add a comment to most types of FRPA activities. The “Activity Comment” field may be used when faculty or academic units wish to include supplemental comments related to a professional activity.

Examples beyond Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion include identifying measures of prestige around accomplishments such as low acceptance rates for certain journals, expressing honorific circumstances related to an activity, providing additional information requested by the chair/dean for use by the unit and more.

Anything that is providing commentary rather than the actual description of the activity can now be written in the “Activity Comment” field. This will preserve the original activity citation as a concise, accurate description while also allowing faculty a place to comment on a specific activity if desired. This new feature is available in the following FRPA sections: Teaching, Scholarly, Creative, Grants, Service, Honors. When entering a new activity in these sections, you will have the option to enter an Activity Comment. Please note that to enter an Activity Comment for a publication or creative work being imported from CUBE, or for a Teaching Activity imported from the Registrar, you must first import the item into FRPA, then within FRPA click the item to edit it, and then add the comment in the Activity Comment field. Activity Comments are not public data and will not be posted on CU Experts.

Summer Salary

As of June 2020, the Summer Salary report is no longer necessary as part of the FRPA online.

For questions or concerns about summer salary, please visit Academic Affairs Summer Resources

Multi-Year Reporting in FRPAport

FRPAport, the FRPA reporting application used by administrators and review committee members, has a feature that allows users to view multiple years of FRPA reports for a faculty member. Specific report sections and report years may be selected. This feature enables easier reporting for unit review committees where more than one year is being considered for the evaluation. The link to access FRPAport is:

Importing Scholarly and Creative Works from CUBE to FRPA

Scholarly Works

All books, chapters, and articles must be added via CUBE and then imported into your FRPA. CUBE uses many online sources to discover your publications, which saves you time by automatically capturing your publication citations. You have the ability to claim items as yours or to indicate they are not yours. For any publications not automatically discovered, you may enter them in CUBE.

Certain other Scholarly Works may still be entered directly into FRPA Online. To see which activity codes are available for direct FRPA entry, click on “Add 2020 Other Scholarly Works” from within the Scholarly section of your FRPA. Click in the “Activity Code” box to see the list. For details on how CUBE categories map to FRPA codes, see

Some publications may be released in both online and print formats. Please note that in an effort to maintain accurate campus counts, each publication should be included on your FRPA only once regardless of format. Your academic unit may have guidelines as to whether online or print publication date is preferred.

Creative Works

All creative works must be entered via CUBE and then imported into your FRPA. This important process helps ensure that creative works are weighted alongside scholarly works and will allow us to explore potential automated citation sources in the future.

How it Works

  • Step 1: Claim or Enter Your Work in CUBE. From within your FRPA, you will find links to your CU Boulder Elements login page. Use your IdentiKey credentials to login. Use the “Scholarly and Creative Works” section of the Menu to claim or enter your work. For assistance within CU Boulder Elements, click on the “Help” button in the top right corner.
  • Step 2: Import Your Scholarly and Creative Works into Your FRPA. Return to FRPA while staying logged in to CUBE. This will allow you to easily return to CUBE should you need to edit an entry. In FRPA, click on either Scholarly or Creative in the left navigation menu. NOTE: only CUBE entries for the current FRPA reporting year will be available to import. Items previously imported (including in a different format such as an online publication) will not be available for import a second time.
  • Step 3: Choose the FRPA Code for Each Imported Work. In FRPA, follow the on-screen instructions to assign a FRPA code for each activity.

CU Experts

The Office of Faculty Affairs provides data collected on the FRPA for a number of uses across campus. One of the main uses for your faculty data is, CU Experts our online faculty profile system, which emphasizes research, expertise and global connections for the Boulder campus. FRPA Online serves as a central repository for much of the data that are used to populate the faculty profiles on CU Experts. FRPA items that appear as public data in CU Experts are clearly marked in FRPA Online at the point of entry so faculty can be certain about the use of information they are submitting. Many of the traditional FRPA activities will not be posted to CU Experts. In the future, profiles will highlight faculty Service Activities; therefore most FRPA service activity codes are now clearly marked as “Public Data.”

CU Experts serves as an important resource for students, staff, faculty, academic units, donors, industry leaders, program reviews, and others interested in working with or supporting the efforts of CU Boulder faculty. Go to for more about how CU Experts supports the campus, and to see who is included

Help and Online Resources

For questions regarding:

  • For any questions related to FRPA codes, policy, and deadlines, or CU Boulder Elements (CUBE), and assistance with publication data – contact Matt Ramey, Scholarly Impact Liaison in the Office of Faculty Affairs, at 303-735-7827 or
  • Accessing FRPA Online through MyCUInfo – contact the Boulder Campus OIT Service Center at 303-735-HELP or

Online resources: