Click on the links below to open PDF files on how to administer publication information for CU Boulder faculty using the CU Boulder Elements software system.

Guide to the CU Boulder Elements Home Page

This is a brief guide to the CU Boulder Elements home page.  To add content please see the guides below.

Auto-Claiming Publications

The CUBE system can automatically claim publications for users when certain identifiers (such as ORCID iDs) are matched on publications flowing through the automated data sources.  This guide will walk you through enabling Auto-Claiming and will explain the options and IDs being used by CUBE.  For questions on Auto-Claiming please email

Claiming and Rejecting Publications

This brief guide focuses on claiming or rejecting publications in CU Boulder Elements that are flowing in from the automated data sources.

Adding Journal Articles

This is a quick guide to using the built-in DOI search in Elements to add  journal articles not found by the automated searches.

Adding Books

This is a quick guide to using the built-in Google Books search in Elements to add books not found by the automated searches.  As of 2017, Creative Works Books can be added to the "Books" type in CUBE.  Faculty will be able to select the appropriate Creative Works FRPA code for any books added to the Books type.

Adding Book Chapters

This is a quick guide to using the built-in Google Books search in Elements  to start adding book chapters.

Manual Entry of Journal articles, Books, and Book Chapters

If articles, books, or book chapters are not found by any of the automated searches, they can be added manually. This guide walks a user through the process of adding any one of these types of scholarly work through the manual process.

For more detailed assistance, please see "Screenshot Guides" or contact