For the 2016 FRPA, Creative Works must be entered in to CU Boulder Elements.  Creative Works added to Elements will be automatically added to FRPA and will be available for importing and the assignment of the FRPA Activity Code. Entering Creative Works in to Elements will assist in gathering information about the wide range of valuable Creative activities at CU Boulder, and will allow the information to be more easily repurposed in CU Experts and other campus systems.

To view how FRPA codes relate to CU Boulder Elements Creative work types click here:
FRPA Mapping

For assistance with adding Creative Works to Elements see the how-to guides below.

Adding a Performance or Production

Adding an Artistic Exhibition or Curation of an Artistic Exhibition

Adding Plays, Poems or Fiction

Adding Digital Art, Media & Web Design

Adding Compositions

Adding Creative Works - Other


For assistance with Creative Works in Elements please contact Matt Ramey at, or by phone at 303-735-7827.

For assistance with FRPA please contact