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Welcome to the

Boulder Faculty Assembly 2014-2015

"Building Proactive Engagement"

A successful, effective, and supportive campus community requires faculty, staff and administration engagement. The BFA is proactively building engagement by putting in place initiatives that provide EVERY member of the faculty with the opportunity to have their voice heard and participate in building the CU community.

Participate in the NEW BFA!!

To access the Full Adler Ad-hoc Committee Report, click here
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To access the ODH Ad-hoc Committee Report, click here

The 2013-2014 BFA Initiatives
A Full Overview of 2013-2014 Initiatives

Faculty-Student Mentor Program
The new Faculty-Student Mentoring Program helps first year students adjust to college life by providing them with the opportunity to meet regularly with other students on an informal basis. Each participating first year student is assigned to a small group of students that is mentored by a faculty member.

Faculty Service Recognition Program
In addition to dedication to their students and their research, many faculty quietly perform service to the CU community – locally, nationally and internationally – often going far beyond what is expected of them. This service may take the form of acting as a faculty advisor to a student group or society; organizing a lecture series on campus or in the local community; or serving on a task force to address critical issues affecting the University. The BFA acknowledges these unsung contributions through the Faculty Recognition Program.

Click this link to submit your nomination on-line:


Leadership Institute
The BFA Leadership Institute is working with Senior Administration to develop the next generation of CU Leaders. A group of peer-nominated faculty are meeting regularly with senior members of the University administration, including the Chancellor, the Provost and Vice-Chancellors to learn the activities of the University as a whole, and how that department’s administration actions affect the daily work of the faculty.

Faculty Ambassadors
Building on the success of the CU Cafe, the BFA is bringing together a group of experienced educators to become CU-Boulder’s faculty ambassadors to the Colorado community. Whether it's in the formal setting of a program offered at a community center or an informal chat at an HOA meeting or Rotary Club meeting, these Faculty Ambassadors will carry CU's voice off-campus.

Portraits of Faculty
The BFA is shining a light on the diverse activities of CU faculty with the new Portraits of Faculty project. A group of faculty from departments across campus will be featured in a portrait and video series to be displayed on the CU Boulder campus as well as featured on CU websites.

Effective Teaching Evaluation
The BFA is working closely with education centers on campus to enhance the process in which educators receive valuable feedback in the classroom.

Review of APS1009: Multiple Modes of Teaching Evaluation


Coming Soon! 2014-2015 Awardees
FAQs and Eligibility Information, click here
For a Nomination Form, click here
Name Department
Bernard Amadei Civil, Architectural, & Environmental Engineering
David Payne Business
Mike Grant Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Damian Doyle Program for Writing & Rhetoric
Daniel Jones Honors Program
Lori Hunter Sociology

Click here for a full list of Awardees


The BFA's mission is to represent the Boulder Campus faculty in its role as a participant in the shaping of the structure and development of the University of Colorado at Boulder, in keeping with the ideals set forth in the campus' mission and role statements. Click here for a roster of BFA members.


The Boulder Faculty Assembly is sixty faculty representing every college and school on the Boulder Campus. The full assembly meets monthly in regular semesters.

The BFA Executive Committee is comprised of the three BFA officers, the BFA's two at-large Executive Committee representatives, the chairs of the 12 BFA standing committees, a representative of the Retired Faculty Association, and the most recent past BFA Chair. The Executive Committee reviews items of business before they go before the assembly, coordinates actions of BFA committees, and acts for the Assembly when time does not permit the Assembly to act, for example in Summer Session or between BFA meetings.

The BFA's Committees are comprised of BFA members but also involve about 50 other faculty members from across campus.

Follow BFA_Boulder on, or like "Boulder Faculty Assembly" on Facebook, for meeting reminders and other news.

BFA members may post to the BFA's ListProc email list at


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