Welcome to the Boulder Faculty Assembly

"Building Proactive Engagement"

A successful, effective, and supportive campus community requires faculty, staff and administration engagement. The BFA is proactively building engagement by putting in place initiatives that provide every member of the faculty with the opportunity to have their voice heard and participate in building the CU community.

Topics of current interest and discussion:

If you'd like to attend one of their meetings, please contact the Chair of these committees. If you have questions you can also contact the BFA office at: 303-492-6271 or bfa@colorado.edu, or your BFA departmental representative. 

  • UPDATE: December 8, 2017 - the first drafts of Article 5 and Regent Policies 5A - 5G have been made available for review. There will be a 60-day review period (until appx. Feb. 6). Please also see the Justification document for more information on proposed changes. The above BFA Committees are reviewing the current proposed changes. These will be discussed at the February General Assembly meeting on February 1st, 2018.

CU Boulder - Current Items

  • Foundations of Excellence (FoE) - BFA representatives and committee members are on many of the nine committees involved in a campus-wide effort to evaluate the first-year undergraduate experience. Committee reports will be available Spring 2018. 
  • Academic Futures - This campus-wide initiative is described as a 3-year project with a "comprehensive, multi-phased visioning process that engages all our faculty, staff and students." See their FAQs for more information or contact us for the BFA representatives serving on the Academic Futures committees.