About the Awards

The BFA Excellence Awards specifically recognize outstanding work and a concerted effort to make advances in the academy. The Chancellor provides financial support for these prestigious awards and a ceremony in the spring recognizes the winners and features a keynote by the Hazel Barnes Awardee for that year. The BFA will select up to three winners in each category. Each winner receives a $5000 monetary prize, along with a comemorative engraved plaque, and gift bag. 

All members of the Boulder Faculty Senate, are eligible to be nominated however, the selection process gives preference to nominees who have been with the University of Colorado for at least five years. Additionally, nominated faculty must be in good standing with the University in order to be considered. Although faculty may receive the award for a given category only once, they are eligible to receive awards in either of the other two categories in different years. Nomination packets that are not selected the year of submission, are automatically submitted for one additional year with approval of the nominator/nominating committee. 

The BFA will grant awards in each of the following areas:

Nominations for the 2024 BFA Excellence Awards will be open from November 15, 2023 through