joe jupille


JOE JUPILLE (Ph.D, University of Washington) is Professor of Political Science, Faculty Research Associate at the Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS), and CU-Boulder’s Faculty Athletics Representative to the Pac-12 and the NCAA. He teaches courses in European, Comparative and international politics. A specialist in the European Union (EU), his research engages the reciprocal relations of rules and politics. He has written Procedural Politics: Issues, Influence and Institutional Choice in the European Union (2004), Institutional Choice and Global Commerce (2013, with Walter Mattli and Duncan Snidal), and Theories of Institutions (2022, with James A. Caporaso), all with Cambridge University Press. His next book project traces the endogenous development of EU institutions over the long run. Joe enjoys family, music, books, travel, and anything involving coffee, fresh air, and/or sunshine.