Senior Auditors Program

The Senior Auditors program provides Colorado residents ages 55 and over the opportunity to attend regular daytime classes at CU Boulder for a small fee and on a space-available basis.

Anyone wishing to participate in the Senior Auditors program must seek permission from the professor to audit a class. Senior auditors can sit in on classes as the semester begins and check with faculty to obtain signatures. A signature does not ensure placement into the class, but is required for registration.

Fire code and other restrictions limit which classes can be audited. A list of courses not available for auditing is available on the Alumni Association website.

Senior Auditor registration takes place at the Koenig Alumni Center.

Alumni News and Announcements

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Americans are losing income and preferring online education

April 9, 2020

Americans are losing income and preferring online education Six in 10 Americans have lost jobs, hours or income from the coronavirus pandemic, according to results of a new survey from Strada Education Network, a nonprofit that researches and funds education and employment pathways. These results are the second weekly batch...


The Ethics of Precaution by Levente Szentkirályi

Dec. 10, 2019

One of our former Ph.D. students was recently published a new book: The Ethics of Precaution: Uncertain Environmental Health Threats and Duties of Due Care (New York: Routledge 2019) . The blurb or abstract of the book follows: Thousands of substances are manufactured in the United States to which the...


The Congressman: Joe Neguse

March 28, 2019

Former CU Boulder student body president Joe Neguse made a name for himself in Colorado. Now he’s doing it in Washington, D.C. There he is with Nancy Pelosi in the House Chamber. There he is making phone calls with Joe Biden. There he is addressing the press, Bernie Sanders behind...

szentikiralyi teaching thumbnail

Students work to prepare Boulder County for next environmental disaster

Dec. 11, 2018

An alumni of the Political Science Graduate Program, Lev Szentkiralyi, was recently higlighted in CU Boulder Today regarding a service-learning class he taught in the Fall of 2018. The class is designed to engage students in the preparation of the next disaster to strike the Boulder area and how to...