Award Description:

Excellence in faculty leadership and service is defined as all of those professional activities other than teaching and research that are performed by faculty members as part of their University responsibilities or as community outreach (internal, external, or both kinds of service).

Award Selection Guidelines:

Nomination packets should clearly outline the impact of leadership and service activities the nominee has had on the unit, school/college, campus and/or national communities. Significant weight will be given to service that is outside a paid appointment. This may include such activities as:

  • Committee work (department, campus, and university)

  • Leading campus-wide or university-wide-events

  • Participation in faculty governance

  • Student advising above and beyond that normally acknowledged by the candidate’s department

  • Service in state, professional, or national organization

  • Outreach to communities and partners beyond the university, including non-profits, under-represented groups, etc., that draws upon the instructor’s expertise.

  • Contributions to local or national workshops or conferences

  • Nominations which clearly exemplify  C.U. Boulder's commitment to Inclusive Excellence. 


Nomination Packet Requirements:

Nomination packets MUST include all the following items in this exact order:

  • Table of Contents - You can find it here. Simply check it off as you finish each item to ensure that all nomination packet requirements are met. Once all items are checked off, include this as the first page of your nomination packet.
  • Contact Information Sheet - ​You must include a page listing the contact information of each person who has contributed a letter of support. Please include their name, institution, title, and e-mail address. A blank template is available here. This sheet has a 1 page maximum.​
  • Nomination Statement - ​Nomination statements may be authored by more than one person. It should be in letter form and addressed to the BFA Selection Committee. Nomination statements have a 2 page maximum.
  • Nominee Program Biography - ​​Please include a short paragraph (less than 200 words) describing the nominee and their related award activities that will be included in the Excellence Awards program if the nominee is selected for the award. Biographies have a 1 page maximum (less than 200 words).
  • Nominee's Personal Statement - The nominee's personal statement should address their ideas about service with specific reference to the service for which the candidate has been nominated. Personal statements have 2 page maximum.
  • Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae - ​​Nominees are encouraged to adjust their CV to highlight their accomplishments pertinent to leadership and service. CVs have a 4 page maximum.
  • Letters of Support - Packets should include a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 letters of support that meet the criteria below:
    • Internal letters: ​include a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 letters of support from University of Colorado Boulder faculty. These letters must be from faculty within the nominee’s rostered department OR from another unit on the Boulder campus.
    • External letters: include a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 letters from individuals external to nominee’s home department. These letters should be from the extended community and may include:
      • CU faculty who are not rostered in the nominee’s home department
      • Faculty outside of CU Boulder
      • University administrators, CU alumni and/or students
      • Officials or representatives from a related service organization
    • Requirements for letters of support:
      • All letters must be addressed to the nominator, not the nominee
      • Each letter has a 2-page maximum
      • Letters may be from an individual or can be prepared and jointly signed by more than one person
    • Recommendations for letters of support:
      • Nominators are strongly encouraged to provide letters that focus on the different areas related to the nominee’s service. Please see the selection guidelines above for the areas of service that will be scored by the selection committee. 

Nomination Packet Submission Instructions:

  • The full nomination file may not exceed 23 pages, including the table of contents page. A partial page will count as a full page.
  • Materials must be saved as one nomination in a single pdf file titled: NomineeFirstName.NomineeLastName.pdf and emailed to:

Important Dates:

  • Nomination packet submission info:

    • Submissions are now closed for the 2022 Awards. Stay tuned for updates on nominations for 2023!

  • Excellence  Awardees announced by: 2023 TBD

  • Excellence Awards Ceremony with Hazel Barnes Keynote: 2023 TBD

Please note:

  • Nominees must be members of the Boulder Faculty Senate as defined by Regent Law. 

  • The selection process gives preference to nominees who have been with the University of Colorado for at least five years.
  • Nominated faculty must be in good standing with the University in order to be considered.
  • Although faculty may receive the award for a given category only once, they are eligible to receive awards in either of the other two categories in different years.

  • If your nominee is selected for the award, every person who contributed a letter of support will be invited to the Excellence Awards ceremony.

  • Nominees who are not selected in a given year may choose to be considered one additional time the following academic year.

If you have any questions about the nomination process contact the BFA office at, or call at 303-492-6271

*Turning in a nomination packet on the weekend prior to/or on the deadline due date, may not allow for sufficient time to fix any issues with packets. We strongly advise you to turn packets in early, and/or submit a draft for feedback. All packets MUST meet the guidelines listed above in order to be considered complete. This includes total pages in the full packet, total pages for letters, and the number/types of recommendation letters submitted. We are happy to help you determine this prior to the deadline. Feel free to contact us Monday through Friday during business hours.