David Paradis enjoys riding his bike during the 2015 Buffalo Bicycle Classic.
Senior Instructor
Medieval England

David Paradis has been teaching in the History Department since the Fall of 2002.  As an Instructor, his responsibilities primarily include teaching and departmental service. His teaching covers pre-modern Europe, including a variety of topics from warfare and society to responses to patriarchy and the prevalence of popular rebellions between 1350 and 1789.  Prior to obtaining his PhD at Emory University in 1998, David worked for a decade in the software industry as a field engineer and consultant.  That experience led him to appreciate the value of his History degree (University of Virginia, 1981) for the development of critical thinking and writing skills, which he found particularly useful in software requirements definition.  He is one of several people responsible for maintaining this website.
Education: Ph.D. Emory University
Fields of study: Medieval History, English History