Temporary Faculty

The History Department hires Lecturers to fullfill teaching needs that cannot be met by our current facutly. If you are interested in joining the History Department in a temporary faculty appointment, please send an email of interest and C.V. to our Program Manager, Kellie Matthews, who maintains a pool of possible lecturers.

Please review the courses we offer and list the courses you would be able and intested in teaching in your email.

For more information about compensation and the hiring process, please visit the College of Arts and Sciences Faculty and Staff website

Graduate Student Appointments

The History Department offers Teaching Assistant (TA) and Graduate Part-Time Instructor (GPTI) positions to our graduate students. TA and GPTI positions are considered graduate student teaching appointments so the compensation, benefits, and responsibilities differ from that of regular employees. These positions are part of the departmental funding opportunities offered to current and new incoming graduate students. Students must be enrolled in or recently admitted to the Department to be eligible for one of these positions. We occasionally hire graduate stduents from outside of the History Department. If you would like additional information or have questions, please email our Graduate Program Coordinator, Abi Peters

For more information about compensation and benefits for TA and GPTI appointments, please visit the Graduate School website.