BFA Resolutions & Motions

Please see below for a list of final BFA Resolutions, Motions, and Statements for the last several academic years. If you'd like to see something prior to that, please use the form to request those. If you have a question about a BFA Resolution or Motion, you can use the form or contact us for any questions. 

BFA Ad-hoc Committee Business and BFA Authored Reports 

Per the BFA Bylaws Article V Section 6.C, the BFA may create ad-hoc committees to address specific campus business. Per the BFA Standing Rules, Article V Section 3 BFA Committees may form subcommittees as needed to address specific issues of the committee. To learn more about current and past BFA Ad-Hoc Committees and Subcommittees see the BFA Committees page. Occasionally those committees author reports.  If you are looking for a report that is not listed here, please use the form on the right to request it.

Fall 2023 - Academic Calendar Reform proposals - The BFA reviewed two options for proposed academic calendar changes in October and November. BFA representatives were then queried on behalf of their constituents in a poll and the results were shared with Chancellor DiStefano on December 7, 2023 as well as with Assembly. Fall 2023 Academic Calendar changes - BFA poll results & summary.

Fall 2021 BFA Proctorio Subcommittee - this subcommittee was formed to review campus faculty use of online test proctoring software "Proctorio" . The final report, a memorandum from the subcommittee chairs, and a cover letter from BFA Chair Beechy were submitted to Provost Moore in November 2021:

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