Professional Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty Members and Roles and Professional Responsibilities of Academic Leaders (PRR) is two documents that set out in broad terms the privileges and responsibilities, as well as the standards of professional conduct, of both the faculty and department chairs. Revisions to the process document were endorsed by the Boulder Assembly on April 29, 2021, and were accepted and approved by Provost Russell Moore on June 8, 2021. 

The PRR is part of a suite of policies currently being drafted at CU Boulder. These include: campus-wide policy on grievance, and a policy regarding instructor appointment, reappointment, non-renewal, and titles. Additionally efforts are underway to create a revised CU Boulder instructor contract. The PRR policy and procedures will be reconciled with new policies during the fall 2021 semester. It is anticipated that final drafts of the policies will be available by fall 2021. The final versions will be approved following the Academic Affairs Policy Proposal & Adoption policy. The PRR will be updated accordingly and presented to the BFA Assembly members for approval during AY21-22. Faculty may contact the Office of Faculty Relations for an in-person department training or to find out more about the online Skilsoft training. 


Academic Affairs PRR Policy Statement:

PRR Procedural Documents - Current and Historical

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