Do you have questions or need help navigating a grievance process at CU-Boulder? Please feel free to contact any member of the Grievance Advisory Committee directly, or send a message to For detailed information about campus grievance procedures, you can also consult the Professional Rights & Responsibilities webpage

The Grievance Advisory Committee shall be composed of four to seven faculty members and include a diversity of rank (tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track faculty) as well as representation from the campus schools and colleges. The committee may choose additional members, subject to approval by the Executive Committee, to ensure sufficient and diverse membership to address specific issues and concerns as they arise. The committee chair may also select one to two retired faculty members for a one-year non-voting faculty resource member role.

The Committee shall recruit, train, and supervise a roster of BFA Advisors available to assist faculty members in the grievance process. BFA Advisors may provide information to faculty members on the appropriate venue and procedure for hearing a grievance, on requirements for initiating or responding to a grievance, and on resolving concerns informally. At the request of a faculty member, a BFA Advisor can also serve as the “third party advisor” authorized by part IV.C.4.c of the CU Boulder “Professional Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty Members” (PRR) to accompany the faculty member to a meeting with a Supervising Administrator.

Advisors shall report back to the Committee so that it can monitor campus grievance processes ensuring that procedures are followed in a timely manner and publish aggregate data on campus grievances. When it believes that changes to established procedures are necessary, the Committee shall make recommendations to the BFA. Revision approved by Assembly on March 3, 2022. 

When requested by a faculty member pursuant to part IV.E.3.c of the PRR, the Committee shall review the faculty member’s appeal and advise the Reviewing Administrator as described in that part.

Meetings are held for elected members. Please contact the GAC chair or if you have questions about a grievance. 

The GAC revised the committee charge during AY21-22. The new charge was approved March 3, 2022 by Assembly. During 2022-23, the committee will focus on publicizing its services to faculty and on assisting faculty involved in grievance processes. Campus faculty with questions on the grievance process or other GAC items should contact the GAC chair or email:


Committee Chair

NameContact Information
Jennifer Hendricks
School of Law REP • GAC Chair • Professor
School of Law

Grievance Advisory Committee Members

NameContact Information
Steven Dike
Unit Representative • Associate Director, Honors RAP
Honors • Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program (MASP)
Jennifer Hendricks
School of Law REP • GAC Chair • Professor
School of Law
Tiel Lundy
Department Representative
Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts
Kelly Parkes
Unit Representative • FAC Representative: Other Units
College of Music
Markus Pflaum
At Large Representative • FAC Representative: BFA • GAC Representative • Professor
Antje Richter
Department Representative
Asian Languages and Civilizations
Kevin Stenson
Department Representative • GAC Representative • Professor