Note Regarding Fall 2021

Related to changes in the new Professional Rights & Responsibilities (formerly the PRD, now the PRR) document and campus grievance processes, the GAC will be electing new members in Fall 2021. Assembly Representatives will elect three to five tenured members of the faculty to serve a one-year term, per the current committee charge. Once elected, those members will elect a chair for the committee, and will revise the committee charge during fall semester. This webpage will be updated as the committee changes are approved. If you have a question about filing a grievance, please contact the BFA office at this time:

See the Professional Rights & Resposibilities webpage for more information on this document, as well as upcoming changes to campus policies on grievance, and instructor appointment, reappointment, non-renewal, and titles along with a revised CU Boulder instructor contract. 

The Grievance Advisory Committee shall be composed of three to five tenured members of the faculty elected annually by the BFA and an ex officio member appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs. The Committee shall advise faculty members on the appropriate venue and procedure for hearing their grievances, on requirements for initiating a grievance, and on campus resources available to resolve concerns informally. The Committee shall monitor campus grievance processes, ensuring that procedures are followed and completed in a timely manner. When it believes that changes to established procedures are necessary, the Committee shall make recommendations for change to the BFA. At the request of the faculty member, a member of the Committee shall serve as a liaison to each grievance panel hearing to provide informal procedural guidance. In extraordinary circumstances, when existing procedures are determined to be inadequate or inappropriate for a given grievance, the Committee may recommend to the BFA that an ad hoc grievance committee be formed to hear the grievance and to make a recommendation to the appropriate administrator.

Fall 2020: 
  • TBD


NameContact Information
Jennifer Hendricks
School of Law REP • BPC Representative: Other Units • GAC Representative: Other Units
School of Law
Alison Lemke
GAC Campus Liaison Member
Speech / Language / Hearing
Markus Pflaum
At Large Representative • FAC Representative: BFA • GAC Representative: A&S
Kevin Stenson
Department Representative • GAC Representative: A&S