For AY21-22 the BFA Executive Committee has approved a subcommittee to review and recommend changes to the BFA Administrator Appraisal committee charge and processes. A final revised charge will be presented to the General Assembly for approval during spring 2022.  

The Administrator Appraisal Committee shall oversee the BFA faculty evaluation of administrators, update or modify the evaluation questions and procedures in accordance with the faculty and evaluees’ feedback, keep current the list of administrators to be appraised, and report results to the relevant faculty. The Administrator Appraisal Committee shall consist of ten members. Six members shall be elected from the Faculty Senate for staggered, three-year terms, and shall include three members elected from Arts and Sciences representatives and three members elected from non-Arts and Sciences representatives. Two members shall be elected from the Assembly for staggered two-year terms, not to exceed their tenure in the Assembly. Two members shall be elected by the Assembly from candidates nominated by the administration for staggered, two-year terms. There shall be an ex officio member from Institutional Research, selected with the concurrence of the Executive Committee.

Committee meetings vary based on number of administrators reviewed and timing of report data.

Adminstrators under review 2020-2021: TBD


AAPC Subcommittee

NameContact Information
Mark Squillace
Chair of AAPC Subcommittee
School of Law