The Budget and Planning Committee participates actively with the appropriate administrative officers in all substantive steps in and aspects of the development, implementation, and modification of the campus budget and the budget of the Academic Affairs division. These include participating in the activities of the Campus Budget Committee and the Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Committee. The Committee also reviews Assembly notices of motion and resolutions that may have budgetary impact prior to the final vote on such notices of motion and resolutions. The Committee may initiate special budgetary studies and analyses relating to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Fall 2023 - TBD

The Budget & Planning Committee reviewed various campus items that impacted faculty such as the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (EPEWA), the Budget Model Redesign. The committee also met with CU System Treasurer to discuss various items, as well as the campus Outreach & Engagement office regarding state higher ed funding. A subcommittee with BPC and the Climate (CSEC) drafted two resolutions regarding divestment - both CU operation funding and TIAA retirement funds from oil and gas.

Committee Chair

NameContact Information
Emily Yeh
BPC Chair • Professor • Department Representative

BFA Representatives

NameContact Information
Jonathan Rogers
Unit Representative: BUSN • BPC: BFA Rep
Leeds School of Business
Burt St. John
Unit Representative • BPC Representative: CMCI

A&S Representatives

NameContact Information
Markus Pflaum
At Large Representative • At Large Representative • GAC Representative • BPC: A&S Rep • Professor
Emily Yeh
BPC Chair • Professor • Department Representative
Lorraine Bayard de Volo
BPC rep: A&S • Professor
Women & Gender Studies

Other Units (Non-A&S) Representatives

NameContact Information
Shideh Dashti
BPC rep: Other Units • Associate Professor
Civil / Environmental / Architectural Engineering
David Gross
College/School Faculty Governance Liaison • BUSN Faculty Council Rep • Teaching Associate Professor
Leeds School of Business
Peter Hamlington
Department Chair • BPC rep: Other Units • Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Resource Members

NameContact Information
Valerie Otero
Faculty Resource Member • Faculty Director of the Learning Assistant Program and PEER Physics
School of Education
Paul Romatschke
Professor • Faculty Resource

Campus & Administration Liaisons

NameContact Information
Danielle Brunner
BPC Administrative Liaison • Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Budget and Finance
Academic Affairs
Mandy Cole
BPC Administration Liaison • Associate Vice Chancellor Budget & Planning
Finance and Business
Todd Haggerty
BPC Liaison • Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer
Finance and Business
Ann Schmiesing
BPC Liaison • Vice Chancellor & Executive Vice Provost Academic Resource Mgmt
Academic Affairs