The Faculty Affairs Committee shall address matters of faculty responsibilities and rights in teaching, research, and service. In particular, the Committee shall: make recommendations in regard to a comprehensive and continuing system to evaluate faculty while at the same time giving proper protection to the rights of individuals. The Committee shall be responsible for policy relating to the professional rights and responsibilities of faculty members. It shall periodically review the Professional Rights and Duties of Faculty Members and Roles and Professional Duties of Department Chairs document, and recommend to the Assembly appropriate revisions. The Committee shall monitor the activities of the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee, the Research and Innovation Office, and the Privilege and Tenure Committee of the Faculty Council, and their functional successors, as well as any grievance procedures that concern faculty, and make appropriate recommendations to the Assembly on matters of policy relating to the work of these committees. 

The FAC generally meets monthly for one hour in fall and spring semesters. Fall 2020: TBD

The committee will continue to review changes to CU's travel policy for faculty, as well as reviewing departmental grievance policies. The committee will also be reviewing drafts of the updates to the PRD.

FAC Chair

NameContact Information
Steve Vanderheiden
Department Representative • FAC Chair
Political Science


NameContact Information
Markus Pflaum
At Large Representative • FAC Representative: BFA • GAC Representative: A&S

FAC Rep: A&S

NameContact Information
Graham Oddie
FAC Representative: Arts and Sciences
Martin Walter
Department Representative • ASTC Resource • FAC Representative: A&S
Emily Yeh
FAC Representative: A&S • BPC Representative: A&S

FAC Rep: Other Units

NameContact Information
Fabio Somenzi
FAC Representative: Other Units
Electrical / Computer / Energy Engineering
Ahmed White
AAPC Chair • Executive Committee • FAC Representative - Other Units
School of Law

FAC Faculty Resource Members

NameContact Information
Aya Gruber
FAC Resource
School of Law • CVSP
Michele Moses
ITFAC Liaison • AAC Resource • Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs • FAC Resource • ITFAC Liaison
Office of Faculty Affairs
Paul Levitt
FAC Resource