Academic Technologies & Services Committee (ATSC) shall:

  • be responsible for monitoring and assessing academic technologies and services on campus to ensure that they efficiently and properly meet the academic goals of the campus.
  • address the ethical, equitable and secure use of technology in teaching, research, and service including data management and privacy issues.
  • monitor and oversee any expansion of online and remote education to ensure faculty ownership and control of curriculum.
  • serve as a clearinghouse for suggestions from all members of the campus community regarding the effectiveness and improvement of technology and services for academic purposes.

Committee Composition

The Academic Technologies & Services Committee shall have eight elected faculty as described in the BFA Standing Rules Article V.; Section 1; Article c on Committees. The committee may choose additional members, subject to approval by the Executive Committee, to ensure sufficient membership to address specific issues and concerns as they arise.

Appointed non-voting members shall include administration liaisons, faculty resource members, and students. Campus administration liaisons (or their designees) shall include but not be limited to the Office of Information Technology, Arts and Sciences Support of Education through Technology (ASSETT), and the Digital Accessibility Office; additionally administrative liaisons (or their designees) from the offices of the Senior Vice Provost for Online Education, Executive Director and Assistant Vice Provost for Academic and Learning Initiatives, the Dean of Continuing Education, and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning or their designees. Additionally, ASTC members may serve on advisory panels to the Office of Information Technology, the Center for Teaching & Learning, and other entities as they impact academic goals. Approved December 2, 2022.


Topics for AY22-23 include online course approval/teaching processes, OIT projects including transition to OneDrive, and VOIP calling, as well as review of the committee charge.


Committee Chair

NameContact Information
Janet Casagrand
Department Representative • ATSC Chair • TFAC Resource • 2022 Excellence in Leadership and Service
Integrative Physiology

BFA Representatives

NameContact Information
Janet Casagrand
Department Representative • ATSC Chair • TFAC Resource • 2022 Excellence in Leadership and Service
Integrative Physiology
Seth Hornstein
Department Representative • Observatory Director • Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies • ATSC: BFA Rep • IAC: Faculty Resource
Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences

A&S Representatives

NameContact Information
Gerardo Gutiérrez
Department Representative • ATSC: A&S Rep
Amanda Schaetzel
ASTC Representative: Arts and Sciences
Integrative Physiology
Nicole Wright
Department Representative • Associate Professor

Other Units (Non-A&S) Representatives

NameContact Information
Philip Chang
LAMP Faculty Resource Member • Teaching Associate Professor • ATSC: Other Unit
College of Music
Karen Gebhardt
ASTC Representative: Other Units
Joseph Labrecque
ASTC Rep: Other Units

Faculty Resource Members

NameContact Information
David Slayden
Unit Representative • ATSC: Faculty Resource • Associate Professor
CMCI • Advertising: PR & Media Design

Campus & Administration Liaisons

NameContact Information
Kirk Ambrose
Founding Director Center for Teaching & Learning • BFA Liaison • ASTC Liaison
Orrie Gartner
ASTC Liaison • Interim AVC/Dep CIO Director of IT Infrastructure and Engineering
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Reid Kallman
Associate Registrar, Enrollment & Record Services • ASTC Liaison
Joey LaConte
LAMP Administrative Liaison • ASTC Liaison
Office of the Registrar
Amanda McAndrew
ASTC Liaison • ASSETT Manager
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Robert McDonald
ASTC Administrative Liaison • LAMP Administrative Liaison • Dean of University Libraries • Senior Vice Provost of Online Education
University Libraries
Elizabeth Romero Fuerte
OIT Academic Technologies Liaison • Assistant Vice Provost and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Technology and Student Success
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Marin Stanek
ASTC Liaison
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Michael Williamson
Staff Council Co-Chair • Campus Shared Governance Liaison • Assistant Director of Assessment and Usability
Office of Integrity Safety and Compliance
Kristi Wold-McCormick
LAMP Administrative Liaison • Registrar • ASTC Liaison
Office of the Registrar
Alysson Bartley
Accessibility Training Coordinator
Viktoryia Olyinyk
Associate Director Academic Technologies

Student Liaisons

NameContact Information
Michael Schneider
ASTC Student Resource
Computer Science Engineering