The Academic Affairs Committee shall concern itself with matters of program review, academic policy, and campus-wide curricula. In addition to its elected or appointed voting members, the committee shall maintain non-voting resource members from—and therefore monitor and liaise with—the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Office of Faculty Affairs, and the Office of Academic affairs.

Fall 2020: 
  • TBD

The AAC consulted on the new Final Exam Policy last year, and will work with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs members on various items including faculty processes for transfer credit, and on-line learning inititiatives. The committee will also be reviewing proposed campus academic changes from Academic Futures, as well as Foundations of Excellence.

AAC Chair

NameContact Information
Seth Myers
Department Representative • AAC Chair
Program for Writing and Rhetoric

AAC Rep: A&S

NameContact Information
Nabilah Carlon
ACC Rep: A&S
Christian Hammons
AAC Representative: A&S
Hannah Haynie
Department Representative • AAC Representative: A&S
Colleen Reid
Department Representative • AAC Representative: A&S

AAC Rep: Other Units

NameContact Information
Merinda McLure
AAC Representative: Other Units
University Libraries
Shivakant Mishra
Department Representative: Computer Science • AAC Representative: Other Units
Computer Science
Susan Nevelow Mart
AAC Representative: Other Units
School of Law

AAC Campus Liaison Members

NameContact Information
Katherine Eggert
BFA Liaison • Sr. Vice Provost for Academic Planning & Assesment • Executive Committee • General Assembly • AAC Liaison
Academic Affairs • English
Daryl Maeda
Dean of Undergraduate Education and Vice Provost • AAC Liaison • SAC Resource
Undergraduate Education

AAC Faculty Resource Members

NameContact Information
Michele Moses
ITFAC Liaison • AAC Resource • Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs • FAC Resource • ITFAC Liaison
Office of Faculty Affairs
Kathryn Pieplow
Ad-hoc Committee Chair • AAC Resource • PRR Update Committee
Program for Writing and Rhetoric

AAC Vacancies

NameContact Information
Vacant Spot