The Teaching Faculty Affairs Committee (TFAC) shall consider issues pertaining to teaching faculty (aka instructors and clinical faculty, and where appropriate, lecturers), including but not limited to compensation, workload, performance review, promotion, contract renewal, inclusion in governance and campus culture, and intellectual freedom.  The Committee shall periodically review Academic Affairs and other campus policies relating to the professional responsibilities of teaching faculty and shall advocate for the resources and professional opportunities needed for teaching faculty to carry out their duties.  The Committee shall act as a clearinghouse for suggestions and concerns for teaching faculty matters.

Committee Composition

The Teaching Faculty Affairs Committee shall be comprised of eight faculty from different disciplines with at least two seats for BFA members, and two seats for tenured or tenure-track faculty. The committee may choose additional members, subject to approval by the BFA Executive Committee, to ensure sufficient membership to address specific issues and concerns as they arise. The Committee may invite, as the need arises, non-voting resource members who have valuable expertise pertaining to the Committee’s charge.

Administrative Liaison - The administrative liaison for the Teaching Faculty Affairs Committee is the Office of Faculty Affairs (Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs or his/her designee).

Interface with other Committees and Governance Bodies

The Teaching Faculty Affairs Committee shall interface with the BFA Faculty Affairs Committee on a regular basis, with the chair of TFAC attending Faculty Affairs Committee meetings as needed in a non-voting resource role.

As needs or opportunities arise, the BFA Teaching Faculty Affairs Committee will invite members of other governance bodies and/or their relevant committees to attend TFAC meetings as a non-voting resource member.  Likewise, BFA TFAC would welcome the opportunity to attend the meetings of other governance bodies (or their respective committees), in a non-voting resource capacity, should the need or opportunity arise.

Fall 2022 Meetings:

  • TBD

  • Implementation of Faculty Affairs policy on reappointment and promotion, given the new third rank of full teaching professor
  • Uniform floor for teaching professor voting rights
  • Campus policy on pay increment at promotion to teaching associate professor and teaching full professor
  • Workload issues, including teaching-related service
  • Pay and salary compression


Committee Chair

NameContact Information
Rolf Norgaard
At-Large Representative A&S • TFAC Committee Chair • Executive Committee • Teaching Professor of Distinction
Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR)

BFA Representatives

NameContact Information
Rolf Norgaard
At-Large Representative A&S • TFAC Committee Chair • Executive Committee • Teaching Professor of Distinction
Program for Writing and Rhetoric (PWR)
Adam Norris
BFA Executive Committee At-Large Representative • Bylaws Representative: At-Large Representative • TFAC BFA Representative
Applied Mathematics

TFAC - Teaching Clinical Faculty Seat

NameContact Information
Ellen Broering
TFAC: Teaching Clinical Faculty • Instructor
Cathy Comstock
At-Large Representative A&S • TFAC Representative: Tenure Track • Teaching Associate Professor
Philosophy Arts and Culture RAP
Tyler Lansford
Department Representative • TFAC: T/TT Faculty Seat • Teaching Associate Professor
Ryan Pollard
Department Representative • TFAC: Teaching/Clinical Faculty Representative • Clinical Assistant Professor
Speech Language and Hearing Sciences (SLHS)
Chiara Torriani
Department Representative • Associate Teaching Professor
French and Italian

TFAC - T/TT Faculty Seat

NameContact Information
Steve Pollock
TFAC - T/TT Faculty Seat • Professor
Vacant Spot
TFAC - T/TT Faculty Seat

Faculty Resource Members

NameContact Information
Heidi Bustamante
Integrative Physiology

Campus & Administration Liaisons

NameContact Information
Michele Moses
Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs • AAC Administration Liaison • FAC Administration Liaison • TFAC Administration Liaison
Office of Faculty Affairs