Student Employment

Once you have been hired by the Law School, you must complete the paperwork to enter your information into a position in the Human Resources System.  There are deadlines that you must be aware of and adhere to, and they can be found in the Calendar section.

The Student Employment website is also an excellent source of information, but most of the information will be included in the following pages.

If you have any questions about this information, please do not hesitate to contact Victoria Johnson at:, or call 303-492-0525.  

Application Packets

Once you have been hired by the Law School, you must complete an application packet so your information can be entered into a position. Please provide the following information to Victoria Johnson through e-mail:

  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. Supervisor/Professor
  4. Start Date
  5. Work-Study Award Y/N
  6. Have you previously worked on campus Y/N

After your information is submitted, you will receive a DocuSign link to a Personal Information Worksheet. It MUST be completed within 3 days of your work start.  The W-4 and direct deposit forms should be completed online through the MyCUInfo portal page once your position has been entered for Payroll.

The I-9 (Immigration form) is required to be completed through an invitation from HIRERIGHT in your email.  Once you have been appointed to a job in the Law School, you will receive an email from HIRERIGHT inviting you to complete the I-9 form.  This must be done within 3 days of employment, you can complete Part-1 online by following the instructions in the email, but you must bring your documentation (used for I-9 completion) to one of the I-9 offices on campus to complete Part-2:

  • Regent Administrative Center
    2055 Regent Drive, Rm. 1B29
    Boulder, CO 80309
  • Administrative & Research Center
    3100 Marine St., Third Floor
    Boulder, CO 80309
  • Student Employees Only
    Office of Student Employment
    2055 Regent Drive, Rm. 205
    Boulder, CO 80309

IF YOU HAVE WORKED FOR THE UNIVERSITY IN THE PAST, you do not need to complete a new application. Contact Victoria Johnson through email, indicating your name, current address and contact information, your supervisor or professor, start date and if you have a work study award. Once your position has been entered, you will go into the MYCUInfo portal page to complete your W-4 and confirm that your direct deposit info is still active.

MYCUInfo portal page:  Once your position has been entered into the HR system, your portal page will show a new tab: “CU Resources”. Under that tab you will have a menu showing payroll and compensation. In that section, you will see your links to the W-4, direct deposit, your W-2, and address change. The University would like you to complete these forms online but once your appointment with the University has ended, this tab will be removed, so you will not have access.  Please keep your address current, especially if you have left employment. 

Your W-2s will be sent to the last address on record with Human Resources. If you change address after employment and you no longer have access to the website, please contact your last department so they can change the address in the system.

Pay Periods & Time Sheets

The pay periods are biweekly and the time entry schedule can be found under the Calendar tab above.


My Leave Setup Instructions For Student Workers and Temporary Aides

It is important that you submit your time sheets by the due date (usually NOON on Tuesday following the end of each pay period). the deadline varies depending on holidays so you DO need to check the schedule that is posted in the Calendar tab. MyLeave will not allow you to submit a timesheet for a previous pay period, please email Victoria Johnson if you missed a deadline.

Late time sheets will be entered with the following pay period’s time entry.

If you have a work study award, late time entry will result in 100% of your pay being charged to the department funds and no work study funds will be charged. This creates a difficult situation for the department as it can affect the budget severely. DO NOT ACCUMULATE TIME SHEETS. Professors have limited funds for students and the work study awards play a central role in their research. Failure to keep expenses current can be devastating to their budgets.

Work Study AWARDS ARE CANCELLED when a student does not turn in hours worked during the first 2 pay periods of a semester. If you have an award and will not begin work during this period, you must contact Student Employment (303-492-7349) and let them know that you will be using your award, so it doesn't get cancelled.

Note that, even in summer, you cannot work more than 40 hours per week for the University of Colorado. All work done for the university, regardless of whether the work is done for two different supervisors, departments, or even on different campuses, counts toward this 40-hour cap.



Forms of Payment

The University requires pay be made by direct deposit. The scheduled date of pay is shown on the pay period schedule for each of the biweekly pay periods. 

If your direct deposit is set up, you can access your pay advice in your MyCUInfo portal page by clicking on CU Resources > My Info and Pay > Paychecks. 

If you do not have a direct deposit set up, you will receive a Check that will be mailed to your address on record. If your address is incorrect in the system, your check will be returned to CU. If a check is stolen or lost, the reissue process may take several weeks. Please make sure to verify your personal information on the MyCUInfo portal under the My Info tile on the CU Resources tab.

Student Retirement

If a student is working during any semester, and they are not enrolled in classes (6 hours for an undergraduate and 3 hours for a graduate), they are required to pay into the TIAA/CREF retirement. This usually occurs during the summer session.  The forms must be completed so you can designate beneficiaries and the direction of your investments.  Click here to see the forms and instructions.

If a student works 40 hours a week (full-time) during any semester, credit enrollment is not a factor, and they are required to enroll in retirement.

Upon graduation, a request can be made from TIAA/CREF to withdraw the funds paid in to the retirement fund if so desired.



On this page:

Fall 2018 Semester

Pay Period Deadline Pay Date
Aug 12 - Aug 25 Aug 28 Sept 7
Aug 26 - Sept 8 Sept 11 Sept 21
Sept 9 - Sept 22 Sept 25 Oct 5
Sept 23 - Oct 6 Oct 9 Oct 19
Oct 7 - Oct 20 Oct 23 Nov 2
Oct 21 - Nov 3 Nov 6 Nov 16
Nov 4 - Nov 17 Nov 20 Nov 30
Nov 18 - Dec 1 Dec 4 Dec 14
Dec 2 - Dec 15 Dec 18 Dec 28
Dec 16 - Dec 29 Jan 1, 2019 Jan 11, 2019
Dec 30 - Jan 12, 2019 Jan 15, 2019 Jan 25, 2019

Time entry for the last pay period of the semester must be submitted on time!!! 

Any work-study hours turned in after the last time entry due date will be charged 100% to the employing department.  No Work-Study.

Spring 2019 Semester

Pay Period Deadline Pay Date
Jan 13 - Jan 26 Jan 29 Feb 8
Jan 27 - Feb 9 Feb 12 Feb 22
Feb 10 - Feb 23 Feb 26 Mar 8
Feb 24 - Mar 9 Mar 12 Mar 22
Mar 10 - Mar 23 Mar 26 Apr 5
Mar 24 - Apr 6 Apr 9 Apr 19
Apr 7 - Apr 20 Apr 23 May 3
Apr 21 - May 4 May 7 May 17
May 5 - May 18 May 21 May 31

Time entry for the last pay period of the semester must be turned in on time!!!

Any work-study hours turned in after the last time entry due date will be charged 100% to the employing department. No Work-Study.

Most positions with the Law School require that you apply for a work study award.  The applications come open twice a year, once for the academic year (usually in July) and once for the summer session (usually the end of February) and the link for the FAFSA form can be found at, and on the MYCUInfo portal page under financial aid information.  Work study awards are part of financial aid so you must complete the FAFSA form to be considered for an award.  The acceptance of an award may result in the reduction in the amount of loans you are able to take. 

Work Study awards are made on a first come, first served basis, so it is important you submit your application for each application period, as soon as you can, when the period opens up.  APPLY EARLY!

How does work study relate to your pay?  A work study award a certain amount of money allotted for the Fall Semester, the Spring Semester, and the Summer Session, based on your registration during that semester.  You are paid on a biweekly basis for each biweekly pay period, per the schedule.  Your gross hourly pay is used to reduce the award each time you receive your pay.  The benefit of an award is that your pay is funded from 2 sources: one is the department's budget (30% of gross) and the other is the Federal Government sources (70% of gross).   The department can afford to keep you working more hours if the award is funding some of your pay. 

EXAMPLE:  You receive a $1500 work study award and are in a position that pays $15/hr.  During your first pay period, you work 30 hours and you are paid a gross salary of $450 for this pay period.  The department will pay $135.00 (30% of the $450) and the award will pay $315.00 (70% of the $450).  Your entire $1500 award will be reduced by $450 so you will have $1050 of the award remaining for the rest of the Semester.  You can always determine how many hours you can work during a semester by dividing the entire award amount by your hourly rate so in this example you could work a total of 100 hours for the semester before the award is exhausted ($1500/$15).  It is an easy way to budget your hours for an award.

A student can work beyond the award made, however the department will be paying 100% of the gross for the hours worked beyond the award.

REQUEST TO INCREASE AN AWARD.  There are forms here on the Student Employment website to request additional award amounts during the semester and the requests are usually granted as long as the funds are available.  The forms should be submitted by the student’s supervisor.  Those funds come available through awards that have been granted to other students and not utilized, and have been cancelled.   If you are not going to begin working during the first few pay periods of the semester, you must contact Student Employment to let them know, or your award will be cancelled.