Step 1:  Establish a Secure VPN Connection (Off-Campus Only)

Launch the secure Cisco AnyConnect VPN client and connect to  Login with your IdentiKey and password.  

VPN Setup and connection details are available on this OIT page:

Note:  This VPN connection routes all of your computer's network traffic through a secure connection to CU-Boulder.  Disconnect the VPN when you are finished with your Colorado Law computing work.

Step 2:  Map the Network Drive

    Windows 10:

    1. Open File Explorer.
    2. Select This PC from the left hand menu.
    3. Click Map network drive (icon) from the options in the ribbon.  If the ribbon menu is not open, then click the Computer tab, located next to File in the top menu.
    4. Select L as the drive letter.
    5. Input \\\law\Law_Files for the folder path.
    6. Reconnect at sign-in should be checked by default
    7. Click Connect using different credentials.
    8. Use the prefix AD\ before your CU IdentiKey username.  (ie, AD\ralphie)
    9. Input your IdentiKey password.
    10. Click OK on the name & password input window and then click Finish on the Map Network Drive Windows.


    1. In Finder, select the Go menu item and then select Connect to Server.
    2. Input the server address smb:// as the folder path.
    3. Click Connect.
    4. When prompted for Name and Password select Registered User.  Input your CU IdentiKey userID with the AD\ prefix (ie, AD\ralphie) and your IdentiKey password.  Click Connect.
    5. You will see a Network Drive icon on your desktop and in the left-hand pane of the Finder file browser.

    Mac Note:  If you click the option, you can save the server address as a favorite.

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