Policy Statement 14-01 

(March 2022)

Statement of Purpose

To promote a safe, healthy, and productive office environment within the Law School this policy statement establishes guidelines for the selection, purchase, and use of ergonomic workspace furniture by faculty and staff at individual workstations within the Wolf Law Building.    


This policy applies to all faculty and staff working in any Law School or Law School Library related departments, clinics, or centers physically located in the Wolf Law Building.  


University provided workspace furniture

Any Law School faculty or staff member may submit a Request for Consideration (see ergonomic website link below) to the Dean’s Suite Business Services Manager stating their need for one of the approved sit-stand desks, sit-stand workstations, or chairs. While not required, the requesting faculty or staff member may submit applicable documentation to support the request. If approved, the purchase will be funded by the Dean's Office.

The Dean’s Suite Business Services Manager, working with the Assistant Director of Operations & Finance (for financial approval), will review and evaluate the request. The Dean will have final approval as to the purchase of the workspace furniture subject to available funding and furniture availability. 

Personally provided workspace furniture

Any Law School faculty or staff member may purchase ergonomic workspace furniture using their own personal funds and, subject to the prior written approval of the Dean’s Suite Business Services Manager following a space evaluation, bring the furniture to the Wolf Law Building for use within the confines of their workspace. However, upon permanently leaving the Law School, the individual will be solely responsible for removing the workspace furniture from the building in a timely manner. 

Ergonomic workspace furniture available

Faculty and staff members may request workspace furniture from the following list. Given budget limitations, no substitutions will be allowed. Anti-fatigue mats may be requested in conjunction with the varidesk and do not count towards the one item per year limit. 

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk, 48 x 24 inches

SHW Large Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk, 55 x 28 Inches

Varidesk - single monitor - Turns a regular desk into a sit/stand desk

Varidesk - dual monitor - Turns a regular desk into a sit/stand desk

Varidesk - laptop 30 - Compact standup desk riser

Ergonomic performance chair

Anti-fatigue mats ($35 limit)  - If over $35, department must fund.

Original 3/4" GORILLA GRIP (R) Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Guardian Air Step Anti-Fatigue Mat, 24 x 36

Crown Comfort King Ribbed Vinyl Anti-Fatigue Mat

Footrest ($35 limit)

Fellowes Standard Footrest, Graphite

Orders for the workstation furniture will be subject to availability. Please send your request via the form available on the ergonomic website link below. This form will be routed to the Dean’s Suite Business Services Manager for review and approval. 

An inspection of the current workspace may occur. The Law School will use its best efforts to acquire the listed items, however, there is no guarantee as to the workspace furniture brand and style. 

Funding and ownership

Personally provided workspace furniture

The Law School will not reimburse any faculty or staff member choosing to personally provide workspace furniture. In this case, the furniture remains the property of the faculty or staff member who purchased it. 

University provided workspace furniture

Upon final approval of a request, the Dean's Office will provide for the purchase and delivery of approved workspace furniture. In any case in which the Law School provides funding for the workspace furniture, the workspace furniture will be the property of the Law School.   

Expenditure limit

Except with prior approval of the Dean, individual faculty and staff members are limited to one listed item per fiscal year.   

Request for Consideration

Ergonomic Evaluations - Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance

The Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance offers ergonomic evaluations and adjustments for employees who have a disability. The ADA defines a disability as a phy​sical or mental impairment that substantially limits a person in one or more major life activities.  For more information about the evaluation program, please visit:  https://www.colorado.edu/institutionalequity/ada/ergonomics