Colorado Law Constitution Day Project

We launched the Colorado Law Constitution Day Project in September 2011 in honor of Constitution Day.In our first year of the project, Colorado Law students visited over 65 high school classrooms and taught a lesson plan about the First Amendment.

We were thrilled that even more volunteers and schools participated in Constitution Day 2012. Our 2012 lesson plan presented high school students with a hypothetical issue involving the Fourth Amendment and a student's expectation of privacy in the contents of his or her cell phone. 

In 2013, our volunteers visited classrooms throughout Colorado over a two-week period to teach an interactive lesson on the First Amendment, specifically about fighting words. Students discussed the importance of free speech—even offensive speech—in American society.  Students then made arguments about the line between protected speech and fighting words using a hypothetical case.

This year, from September 15-26, our volunteers taught about the interaction between First Amendment protections and online bullying.


Meet our Volunteers