Public Service Courses

Colorado Law provides students a broad range of course offerings in several substantive areas, as well as academic and extracurricular support to help students translate classroom learning into active participation in the public sphere.

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Public Service Courses

Civil Rights Law

Civil Rights Law itself encompasses a number of topic areas including workplace discrimination, prisoners’ rights, education law, election law, and others. Some of our courses in this area include:

Criminal Law

Education Law

Education Law provides students opportunities to work with school systems or independent organizations on shaping and administering policies for K-12 or higher education.  Many local school districts and education law firms offer opportunities for student involvement as externs.  In addition to a basic class on Education Law, Colorado Law’s course on Education and the Constitution places students in high school classrooms for the year, teaching weekly while learning about both constitutional law and education policy.

Environmental, Energy & Natural Resources Law

Environmental, Energy and Natural Resources Law is a core strength of our school to rank?. We have a broad range of course offerings (including a strong clinical program), extracurricular opportunities, externship and employment potential. Course offerings in this area include:

Juvenile & Family Law

Juvenile & Family Law offerings includes the Juvenile Law Clinic, basic courses in the field, and a strong and growing network of alumni who mentor students interested in pursuing careers in family law. Courses cover:

Health Law & Policy

Health Law and Policy has become an increasingly central focus for organizations seeking to protect basic rights and to ensure that the health care system operates effectively, fairly and efficiently. Students find this an especially enticing field of potential practice due to the aging of the American population and the passage of the various heath care laws on the state and federal level,  Health Law is a burgeoning area of public interest legal work, and our course offerings, as well as our ties with CU’s medical school in Denver, offer students the opportunity to engage with the full range of issues and opportunities in the field. Courses include:

Immigration Law

Colorado has numerous public interest immigration law firms and organizations dedicated to guaranteeing the basic rights of immigrants in the United States. Our courses in the field provide the necessary legal tools to serve the immigrant community. Some of these are:

Public Law

Public law describes the law governing the relationship between individuals and the government.  CU Law offers a wide variety of courses in the public law area, which provide a strong grounding for those interested in understanding these relationships in depth and for those interested in practicing in or with the government. Course offerings include: