Study Abroad

Colorado Law sponsors study abroad programs for our law students to help them understand the international community and to prepare them for an increasingly global legal market.  These programs seek to provide students with greater understanding of international and comparative law; to offer exposure to the legal, social, political, and cultural environments of the relevant countries (Germany, Israel, and Canada); and to enable students to help clients and communities address the increasingly complicated legal demands of our global community and its multiple legal systems.

The current offerings are:

  • Bucerius Summer Program in International Business Law in Hamburg, Germany
  • Bucerius Exchange Program in International and Comparative Business Law in Hamburg, Germany
  • Bar Ilan University Law Exchange Program in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • University of Alberta Dual Degree Program - this program is currently on hold and not accepting applications

In addition, Colorado Law students may apply to attend any ABA-accredited study abroad program or may work with the Dean's Office to design a custom study abroad program tailored to their specific interests. For further information regarding credit transfers and other curricular concerns, please contact the Dean's Office. Also please note that ABA standards require law students seeking credit for study abroad to work with an advisor to develop a written plan that identifies the educational objectives the student seeks to achieve when studying abroad as well as the methods to be used to evaluate attainment of those objectives.  Interested students should thus work with their academic advisor or with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to develop such a plan.

For more information about study abroad at CU-Boulder generally, visit the Study Abroad Programs website.  You also are welcome to discuss study abroad with Professor Amy Schmitz, who serves on the CU Study Abroad Committee.

Bucerius Summer Program in International Business Law in Hamburg, Germany

The University of Colorado has recently approved the Bucerius Summer Program for Colorado Law students, giving students the opportunity to take courses for their Colorado Law degree in Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2008, Bucerius Law School has been offering the Bucerius Summer Program in International Business Law, an intensive four-week course taught in English for international and German law students and graduates. The aim of this program is to impart knowledge and ensure that the participants understand the forces shaping international business law. This will help students meet the increasing demands of companies and law firms in this field. The program is open to law students and graduates from all over the world. Applicants must have completed at least one year of legal studies.

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany, located in the north, 70 miles inland. Media and music comprise a large portion of Hamburg's industries, and it is home to many universities, bringing students from all over. Hamburg prides itself on more than 30 theaters, six music halls, 50 state and private museums, and more than 4,000 restaurants.

To Register: For application deadlines and to apply, click here. For questions, contact

Bucerius Exchange Program in International and Comparative Business Law in Hamburg, Germany

The Bucerius Exchange Program in International and Comparative Business Law is a fall-semester program available to law students from nearly 30 countries worldwide who have completed two years of law school and wish to broaden and extend their understanding of the forces shaping international business law. Students gain insights into the day-to-day practice of international commercial law from experienced professionals working in the field, and they do so in the company of students from around the globe.

Courses: Classes are taught in English, and students with proficient German-language skills are welcome to sit in on regular classes taught to Bucerius students in the German LLB program. The program is divided into two sessions, each session extending over six weeks, followed by an exam week. Some courses are offered for the duration of the session or term; others are offered as three- or four-week compact courses. Most courses are worth 2 credits. In these courses, experienced Bucerius and international professors, as well as legal practitioners, bring the world of German, European, and international law and legal practice to international students.

The minimum course load is 4 credits per session and 8 credits during the program. The course credit system is based on the guidelines of the ABA. Students may select as many courses as they want but should consult with Colorado Law regarding the transfer of credits and any additional course load requirements. The acceptance of credit for any course in the program is subject to determination by Colorado Law.  

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Bar Ilan University Law Exchange

Colorado Law has entered into a student and faculty exchange relationship with Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law in Ramat Gan, Israel, just outside Tel Aviv ("the city that never sleeps"). The Bar Ilan University Law Exchange Program is available to law students who have completed two years of law school. Bar Ilan is situated in the Greater Tel Aviv area, about 20 minutes from the Tel Aviv center, beach, and entertainment district, and about 50 minutes from Jerusalem and its holy sites. Bar Ilan University is the second-largest university in Israel, with a student population of approximately 24,000 at the main campus in Ramat Gan. The Bar Ilan Law School has about 30 full-time professors, 80 adjunct professors, several distinguished short-term visiting professors from the world's leading law schools, and more than 2,000 students in its LLB, LLM, MA, and PhD programs. It therefore has become a dynamic academic center with rich academic programs, supplemented by its legal clinics and research institutes. It also boasts a warm community and supportive learning environment that attracts excellent students from all over Israel.

The academic program in Bar Ilan is also complemented by extra-curricular activities, including cultural events that introduce students to Jewish and Israeli history and culture, to the political situation, and to the Arab-Israeli conflict and peace process. Bar Ilan University also may organize a one-day excursion to Jerusalem, including a visit to Israel's Supreme Court, the Knesset (Parliament) and the Old City.

Courses: The International Exchange Program in Law offers a special study program in English for foreign students during the fall semester. This program is the longest-running and largest ABA-accredited program taking law students to Israel. Course topics include international trade regulation, copyright law, and law and religion, all with an international or comparative component. The courses are taught partly by Bar Ilan's own professors and partly by visiting professors from leading law schools in North America and Europe.

To Register: For application deadlines and to apply, click here. For questions, contact

JD/LLB with the University of Alberta Faculty of Law in Edmonton, Canada

This program is currently on hold and not accepting applications

The four-year Juris Doctor/Bachelor of Laws (JD/LLB) offered in cooperation with the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, Canada, prepares graduates with the credentials needed to practice law in both Canada and the United States. Colorado Law students study for two years at Colorado Law and two years at the University of Alberta (U of A). The 90-year-old U of A has areas of strength in natural resources law, energy law, constitutional law, health law, business law, jurisprudence, and the law of indigenous peoples. It boasts a collegial atmosphere amongst the 525 students and the faculty of 40-plus professors. In addition, the admission standards for the two law schools are identical.

In North America, foreign trade has become more common for even the smallest business, and a need for lawyers versed in multiple legal systems has emerged. According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, from 1993 to 2007, trade among the NAFTA nations more than tripled, from $297 billion to $930 billion. Additionally, business investment in the United States has risen by 117 percent since 1993. Law degrees from both countries allow graduates to serve law firm clients conducting transnational business in North America and beyond, offering them a distinct advantage in this job market. National law firms are becoming global firms, representing international securities firms, investment management companies, and other financial institutions on transnational regulatory issues. A lawyer with this dual degree has expertise in cross-border securities, transactional law, commercial law, insurance litigation, subrogation, recovery, immigration law, real estate law, or energy and natural resources law.

Requirements: 89 credit hours are required for the Colorado Law JD degree, with at least 32 credit hours taken in residence at Colorado Law; 92 credit hours are required for the University of Alberta Law LLB degree, with at least 60 credit hours taken in residence at University of Alberta Law. Students must earn a C or better in each course for the course to be acceptable for credit at each school.

To Register: Colorado Law students must apply separately to the University of Alberta Faculty of Law's LLB Program through its Admissions Office. The application deadline is November 1, and the LSAT is accepted. Students should contact the CU Law Dean's Office to begin the application process.