MSL Degree Program

Master of Studies in Law in Ethics and Compliance

One-year Master's Degree | No LSAT Required

Colorado Law’s Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree in Ethics and Compliance is a one-year, 28-credit, no LSAT required program that enables students who hold at least an undergraduate degree to obtain legal training short of a full Juris Doctor (JD). A part-time option is also available.

About Ethics and Compliance

Increasingly, emerging job markets have openings that require some legal knowledge and employers are assigning a number of legal tasks traditionally performed by lawyers to non-lawyers. Colorado Law’s MSL will prepare students to obtain and excel in those positions. The MSL in Ethics and Compliance is designed to prepare prospective ethics and compliance officers in privacy/cybersecurity, health care, and financial services. 

Courses and Curriculum

All MSL students will take two courses designed specifically for MSL studentsone that introduces them to the American legal system, and one that introduces them to legal research, writing and analysis. In addition to those introductory courses, MSL students will take required and elective courses, alongside JD students. See the full curriculum.

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