Updated October 15, 2021

Dear Reunion Class Member,

Homecoming and Reunion Weekend is November 5-6, 2021. Homecoming registration is open. Email lawalumni@colorado.edu for more information.

We are excited to mark the anniversary of your graduation from Colorado Law. This year we celebrate the class reunion groups ending in "0", "5", "1", and "6" to share memories and mark their milestones

If you or your classmates are planning a gathering, please let me know, and I will add it to the Colorado Law website and provide your class reunion information and supplies.  If you haven't planned a gathering or would like an additional opportunity to connect, you are welcome to join us at the Wolf Law courtyard on Saturday, November 5, at the Brunch or BBQ before the game. We will have a designated area for classes to visit with each other. You must request a table(s) and have confirmed the attendance of other classmates.  The Brunch or BBQ is driven by the game time, which is announced two weeks before the Homecoming game.

The Digital Reunion Memory Books are open to class years ending in 0, 5, 1, and 6. If you haven't added your profile yet. Please add your profile by October 20, 2021. If you are part of the reunion classes, you can link to your memory book below.  If you need help, please email  lawalumni@colorado.edu. It's a fun and fast way to connect with classmates and learn what they have been up to since graduation. In addition, you can search for hobbies and interests you share with other classmates and view a map highlighting your classmates' current locations.


Memory Book


Class years ending in 0 and 5 Class years ending in 1 and 6
50th 1970 1971
45th 1975 1976
40th 1980 1981
35th 1985 1986
30th 1990 1991
25th 1995 1996
20th 2000 2001
15th 2005 2006
10th 2010 2011
5th 2015 2016

Please email me directly at georgette.vigil@colorado.edu with questions. I look forward to learning more about your class.

Georgette E. Vigil
Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Outreach