Colorado Law recognizes some its most impressive alumni throughout their career paths.

Promising Starts

Recent alumni who have found satisfying, meaningful employment in their first five years after graduation.

Mindy McNair ('14) - In-House Attorney

Mindy McNair never gave up as she pursued a career. She interned during her 3L year, worked while she studied for the bar, applied for multiple jobs, and took advantage of the resources offered by Colorado Law’s Career Development Office. Now an in-house attorney for RTD, McNair’s persistence paid off as she pursues new opportunities each day. 

Alumni of the Month

Alumni at the height of their careers.

January 2018 - Alan Canner ('87)

From a thirst for intellectual challenge to a passion for mission-driven work, University of Colorado Law alumnus Al Canner knows his priorities and pursues them with purposeful dedication. Now retired, Canner has followed what some might call an unconventional path on his journey from public school teacher and central administrator to lawyer to nonprofit executive director to professor. He attributes his successful career to overarching themes that have been salient throughout his life: a search for intellectual stimulation, mentorship, and incredible good fortune.


Honoring prestigious departed alumni