Colorado Law recognizes some its most impressive alumni throughout their career paths.

Promising Starts

Recent alumni who have found satisfying, meaningful employment in their first five years after graduation.

Bill Gillespie ('16), Assistant United States Attorney, District of Colorado

As a litigator, Bill Gillespie focuses on reaching the right outcome. His decisions involve determining what the law permits, what is best for his clients, and whether a particular action is right for that circumstance. Along the way to his current position as assistant U.S. attorney for the district of Colorado, Gillespie achieved many right outcomes, including becoming more organized and finding a community of collegial classmates. He now works for the right outcome for others both in court and for budding lawyers looking for a place in the Denver legal community. (The views expressed in this piece are Gillespie’s personal views, and they do not represent the views of the United States Attorney’s Office or the Department of Justice.)

Alumni of the Month

Alumni at the height of their careers.

April 2019 - Hon. Eric Elliff ('87)

This month, the University of Colorado Law School celebrates the career of Judge Eric Elliff. His talent and passion for complex civil litigation helped him throughout his career at law firms; his time on the bench of Colorado's Second Judicial District, which encompasses the city and county of Denver; and as an adjunct professor at Colorado Law.


Honoring prestigious departed alumni