March 16, 2020

Dear Colorado Law students, faculty, and staff,

As the COVID-19 situation rapidly develops I know this is a challenging time for our community. The well-being of each of you is of foremost concern to the university, campus, and law school leadership.

As stated in the Chancellor’s message on March 16, the campus is taking additional steps to address the situation. Remote teaching and learning will continue as previously anticipated. However, operations on campus, and at the Wolf Law Building, are being further reduced. Only critical services employees should be working on campus, effective Wednesday, March 18. As stated by the Chancellor, "[c]ritical services employees are those individuals who perform activities and tasks that must be done on campus and cannot be deferred during an emergency." All other employees should transition to remote working. Note that the Chancellor's message does not differentiate between faculty and staff employees in this regard. Juli Carey—our dedicated staff HR Manager—and Jen Sullivan — our Senior Assistant Dean for Administration and a key leader in the law school's response to the situation overall—are working to identify and orient critical service employees. Juli will also follow up on remote working expectations.

Given this development, the law school building will be closed, effective Wednesday, March 18. However, it will continue to be accessible to those with a BuffOne card, in accordance with the earlier-established protocol.  In his recent message the Chancellor advises, "The university continues to evaluate access to buildings. Additional changes will be communicated through building proctors."

Please note also that the Wise Law Library will be closed effective Wednesday, March 18.

The campus and law school are deeply concerned with the personal and academic well-being of students during this trying and uncertain time. Campus leadership is in the process of discussing how to further support students in this regard. I will keep you posted.

We have created a webpage with law school-specific updates regarding COVID-19 and how it affects our community. Information is changing quickly, so please continue to monitor this page for the latest updates. Make sure also to consult the campus’s webpage for campus-wide updates and health information.

I fully understand the escalating unease and uncertainty being felt by the members of our community, including in highly personalized ways. The campus and law school’s responses to the COVID-19 threat are done on the basis of the best available knowledge and professional advice, and with your health and safety as our top priority. At the same time, we must each do our part to blunt the threat, by heeding the advice now well-known of hygiene and unfortunate physical distancing, and by continuing to take care and (from a certain physical distance) care for each other.

Be Well,

S. James Anaya
Dean and University Distinguished Professor