Faculty Colloquia and Distinguished Lecturers

To foster rigorous intellectual exchange, Colorado Law faculty hosts distinguished lecturers, colloquia, and works-in-progress. Our legal scholarship pushes the boundaries of theory, doctrine, and practice. 

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Faculty Colloquia & Distinguished Lecturers

Schultz Lectureship Series   The Schultz Lectureship Fund was created in 2007 by the generosity of John H. (’53) and Cynthia H. Schultz to support a lecture each year by scholars in the fields of oil and gas, energy, or natural resources law.

Recent lecturers and topics have included

  • Jeff Bingaman, "Energy Innovation Series and 5th Annual Schultz Lecture" (watch video)
  • Dr. Daniel Yergin, "The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World"
  • Dr. Kristina M. Johnson, "Addressing the Nation's Energy Challenges" (watch video)
  • James E.  Rogers, “A National Energy Policy for the 21st Century” (watch video)
  • Bruce Kramer, “Split Estates:   A New Equilibrium between Surface and Mineral Owners”

Austin W. Scott, Jr. Lecture Series Austin Scott was a member of the Law School faculty for 20 years. He was an   excellent and much beloved teacher as well as a prolific writer. His scholarly   work was in the fields of criminal law and procedure. In 1973, former Colorado   Law Dean Don W. Sears established the Lecture Series in his memory. Each year, the Dean of the Law School selects a member of the faculty   engaged in a significant scholarly project to lecture on his or her   research.

Recent lecturers and topics have included

John R. Coen Lecture Series   John Coen was a distinguished member of the Colorado bar and an able   public speaker. In 1955, his widow Adrian S. Coen established the lectureship in   his memory. The purpose is to bring a prominent and distinguished lawyer,   jurist, or scholar of law to deliver an annual lecture to Colorado Law’s   students and faculty on a legal subject of interest and benefit to the   profession, preferably with some public or political   aspect.

Recent lecturers and topics have included

  • Angela P. Harris, "The Treadmill and the Contract: Race, Class and the Environment in American Law" (watch video)
  • Geoffrey R. Stone, "The Framers' Constitution: An Answer to the Current Supreme Court's Conservative Activism" (watch video)
  • William Eskridge, "Discrimination to Protect Liberty" (watch video)
  • Cass R. Sunstein, “Are   Judges Political? Bush, Confirmations and Beyond”
  • Michael McConnell,   “Religion and Republicanism at the Founding”
  • Martha   Fineman, “Children in Law and Society: The Competing Paradigms of Religion   and Human Rights”
  • Erwin Chemerinsky, "The   Assault on the Press"
  • Jack L. Goldsmith, “The First Two Terror Presidencies”
  • Carol M. Rose, “Racing Property Racially: Restrictive  Covenants from the City Beautiful to Shelley v. Kraemer—and Beyond.”



University of Colorado Law School

Works In Progress Series


Spring 2014


 All WIP are on Wednesdays from 4-5 in Colloquium Rm. 480, unless otherwise noted.


Organized by Ahmed White, Associate Dean of Research


Works In Progress Series



January 22nd

Dayna Matthew

February 5th

Alexia Brunet Marks

February 19th

Cheri Metcalf

February 26th

Paul Ohm

March 19th

Helen Norton

April 16th

Gabrielle Applebee

Colloquium Series

Spring 2014


All colloquia are held on Fridays from 12-1 in Colloquium Rm. 480, unless otherwise noted.


Faculty and Staff Colloquium Series



April 4

Alexia Brunet Marks and Scott Moss

April 25

Sarah Krakoff

May 2

Rick Collins

Faculty Colloquium Series



January 10

Gideon Parchomovsky

February 7

Alexandra Huneeus (Univ. of Wisconsin)

February 14

Addie Rolnick (UNLV)

February 21

Daniel Ho (Stanford)

February 28

Mitu Gulati (Duke)

March 14

Laura Gomez (UCLA)

April 11

George Geis (Univ. of Virginia)

April 18

Barton Beebe (NYU)