Alumni Career Profiles

Colorado Law recognizes some its most impressive alumni throughout their career paths.

Alum of the Month
Alumni at the height of their careers
Beverly Ledbetter ('72) - October 2016

For nearly four decades, Beverly Ledbetter (’72) has served as general counsel for Brown University, a prestigious position she’s decided to keep even when presented with other career opportunities, including a nomination to serve as assistant attorney general in the Reagan administration. The most amazing thing about her successful legal career is perhaps how it started almost by accident.

Promising Starts
Recent alumni who have found satisfying, meaningful employment in their first five years after graduation
Sarah Morris ('13) - Nonprofit Professional

Sarah Morris came to law school with a passion for the nonprofit sector and a curiosity about estate planning. Through cultivating mentors and staying true to her passions, she was able to use her law degree to advocate for causes she cares about as a fundraising professional.

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