Alumni Career Profiles

Colorado Law recognizes some its most impressive alumni throughout their career paths.

Alum of the Month
Alumni at the height of their careers
Carolyn Fairless ('98) - August 2016

The managing partner of Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell stumbled into the legal world after originally pursuing a career as a computer analyst. Today, she is one of the premier professional malpractice defense attorneys in Colorado.

Promising Starts
Recent alumni who have found satisfying, meaningful employment in their first five years after graduation
Tamara Rivale ('11) - Legislative Attorney

As an attorney at the nonpartisan Wyoming Legislative Service Office, Tamara Rivale (’11) partners directly with senators and representatives of the Wyoming Legislature to draft bills and resolutions as well as provide legislative legal advice. She credits much of her success to the Colorado Legislative Fellowship Program, resources provided by the Career Development Office, and Colorado Law’s focus on experiential learning.

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