Information for Students

Most students and graduates secure substantive employment by building an active network of contacts from which they receive valuable advice, information and referrals. 

Our Career Development Office assists Colorado Law students and graduates by:

  • Engaging in systematic outreach to employers to better understand their hiring needs and to develop new opportunities for students and graduates;
  • Understanding the career goals of students and graduates to facilitate good matches with mentors and potential employers; and
  • Sponsoring job search strategy and networking workshops to give students the professional tools they need.

Employers that have hired Colorado Law students and graduates since 2011 include:

  • 95 large (40+ attorney) law firms
  • 249 small to mid-sized law firms
  • 187 government agencies
  • 186 businesses
  • 146 judges
  • 141 public interest organizations

Each of our four counselors has a speciality area and is responsible for outreach and engagement with employers in that area.  Information about employers is also available to students and alumni via a secure Symplicity-based database called CDOnline.