The Student Fee Committee (SFC) is a committee comprised of law students from each of three classes (1L, 2L, 3L), with two members of the administration serving as advisors. The SFC is charged with evaluating funding requests made by law student groups and individual law students. In administering the fee, the members of the SFC shall seek to fund activities that help enrich the academic experience of law students. The SFC is funded through the JD student activity fee, which is $150 per student per semester. SFC funding cannot be used to pay for alcohol. If you do not receive written approval from Student Affairs prior to purchase, you may be ineligible for reimbursement if your expenses do not meet the University's fiscal guidelines.

The SFC meets via Zoom at the end of each Spring semester, but also accepts and reviews funding requests throughout the year. 

To submit a funding request, please complete BOTH forms below and send them to

1. Funding Form

2. Budget Template *please submit this document in excel format