Workshop on the Feminist Influence on Criminal Law: Past, Present, and Future

On April 19 and 20, 2013, the University of Colorado Law School will host an invitation-only workshop called "The Feminist Influence on Criminal Law: Past, Present, and Future." Today, feminist criminal law reform includes legal innovations like rape shield laws and mandatory domestic violence prosecution policies, which, while heralded as great feminist victories, prove to be troubling to civil libertarians and others. As a result, feminist and criminal law scholars are currently engaged in a robust debate over the implications of such reforms. We have gathered an intimate group of experts for a lively and productive dialogue on various topics related to the intersection of criminal law and feminism, and have secured Donna Coker (U. Miami), a pioneer in this area, as the keynote speaker for the workshop.

List of Participants

Kimberly Bailey, Chicago-Kent Law
Kim Buchanan, USC Law
Deborah Cantrell, University of Colorado Law
Kristen Carpenter, University of Colorado Law
Donna Coker, University of Miami Law
Barbara Creel, University of New Mexico Law
Sarah Deer William, Mitchell Law
Rashmi Goel, Denver University Law
Leigh Goodmark, University of Baltimore Law
Aya Gruber, University of Colorado Law
Jennifer Hendricks, University of Colorado Law
G. Kristian Miccio, Denver University Law
Adele Morrison, Wayne State University Law
Melissa Murray, U.C. Berkeley Law
Hillary Potter, University of Colorado Department of Sociology
Carolyn Ramsey, University of Colorado Law
Angela Riley, UCLA Law
Deborah Tuerkheimer, Depaul University Law
Mimi Wesson, University of Colorado Law
Ahmed White, University of Colorado Law
Corey Rayburn Yung, University of Kansas Law