Fingerprinting is available at the following area offices for no charge, or for a minimal charge ($8-$11). The Office of Attorney Admissions recommends that you call ahead to confirm that a particular agency is able to help you and ask them the following:

  1. if they use the electronic (preferred) or manual method for fingerprinting,
  2. if they supply the appropriate fingerprint card (Form FD-258) or if you need to obtain the card ahead of time*, and
  3. for information regarding residency requirements, hours of operation and cost.

Make sure to take the Fingerprint Information Sheet linked to on the Office of Attorney Admissions Bar Examination webpage with you when you go as well.

*If the office you are going to does not have cards available, you can get one from the Office of Attorney Admissions in Denver. Occasionally, that office provides a few forms to the law school. Please feel free to ask the Registrar's Office if we have any.